Minimalist Brass Bracelet (single) Customized Hand Knock Letters Anniversary Friends Birthday Gift

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☞ How many words in my heart I'm sorry to say, let's say you help


Minimalist Brass Bracelet (single) Customized Hand Knock Letters Anniversary Friends Birthday Gift


Minimalist Brass bracelet ☞ How many words in my heart I'm sorry to say, let's say you help Girlfriends, friends, sisters, lovers can wear ~ Regardless of the anniversary, Valentine's Day, exclusive password, exchange gifts, are suitable, Build your own dedicated memento gift. | Material | Brass | Size | "Wide Version" - Inner diameter of about 6cm / width 0.6cm / thickness 0.2cm (finely adjustable) | Size | "Fine Version" - Inner diameter about 6cm / width 0.35cm / thickness 0.2cm (finely adjustable) Hand circumference | within 17cm are suitable | Packaging | jewelry box / jewelry sealed bags / silver polishing cloth | A pair of forging knocks | | A pair of flavor section | Customized content English uppercase letters ABC / lowercase abc / numbers 0-9 Other symbols (../ # ─ "% ×) Press content up to 15 characters. For special needs, please discuss with the designer in advance, Manual knocking, so can not be very neatly arranged, Once the confirmation is completed can not be changed, The pursuit of perfection, please think twice before ordering. Maintenance | Brass, copper is a natural material, itself is non-plated, no fading problem, but after a long period of wear, contact with sweat, rain, air or hand oil, etc., will oxidize the copper color becomes dull , So that the color rendering more retro feel. · Can not be worn when using a silver polishing cloth, put it in a sealed bag to save. · Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, chemicals and hot springs or swimming when wearing. Scratch, go to the hardware store to buy sandpaper or sponge emery cloth along the direction of light brush, you can restore the status quo. · Micro-oxidation, you can use a toothbrush to take toothpaste or dishwashing light brush, rinse clean water, keep dry. · When oxidized, wipe the copper oil back and forth with a cotton cloth. Wipe it over with a clean cotton cloth again before applying vaseline to reduce the chemical contact with the skin. | Matters needing attention | · Each product is hand sawing, typing, welding, it is inevitable that there is a slight difference in pitch or size, but also because of the unique temperature of the goods to maintain a small imperfection, not flawed, is a handmade features . · Crystals, ores, pearls .... Naturally, each color and shape is slightly different, non-flawed, meaning they are unique and can not be exactly the same as those in the photo. · Product photos are all real shot, because shooting light or computer color, may not be received with the same 100%. · All products are hand-made after ordering, and will not be returned or exchanged unless there is any damage during shipping or the product is obviously flawed. Shopping Tips | Veronica accessory for personal design museum, the production of human limited, custom goods production time of about 7-14 business days (excluding holidays), if there is a specific date to receive the goods, please ask before placing an order. Taiwan handmade by Veronica / Taiwan handmade


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