LED glass micro-view-succulent group basin ecological bottle home night light

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Create your own tabletop botanical garden together and complete your own small garden in a bottle by yourself! Bonus



LED glass micro-view-succulent group basin ecological bottle home night light


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWTJfVRxZHc People in the city are drifting away from nature. We hope that nature can be integrated into daily life through aesthetics and technology. Even if some beautiful scenery is recorded with a camera, I still feel that there is still no way to capture that beauty in my heart. Together this time Create your own tabletop botanical garden, enjoy the beauty of life from the process, and convey more stories through plants, and complete a unique green botanical garden by yourself. It is a great choice whether it is collected by yourself or given to important people. Oh ☺ ---------------------- **Product Information** Product name: LED light and shadow micro-view glass pot Specification: glass bottle body 130x130 mm Battery: Both the remote control and the LED light use CR2032 3V lithium battery Light source: LED Power supply: 2 CR2032 3V lithium batteries **Features** 1. The color of the LED scene light can be changed freely, and there are five adjustable brightness levels 2. The lamp holder adopts waterproof design and can also be used to grow ferns and carnivorous plants **There are 4-6 kinds of plants in each pot,** The plant species is not necessarily the same as the plants in the photo! Those who mind, please consider placing an order~ **Packing** We'll__succulents__into the box protection __medium is separately packaged and placed in an empty__. After receiving the product, you can experience the fun of assembling pots. The instructions for forming pots can be found on the official website! \ **Instructions for use** 1. It is recommended to open the cap for a while every day to keep the air circulating in the bottle 2. Please remove the insulating film from the battery before using the remote control 3. The usable range of the remote control is two meters long 4. Do not touch the LED light board 5. This product is suitable for indoor use, please use it in high temperature, humidity and flammable places **Succulent conservation** ‧The plants must be placed in a well-lit and ventilated place, and the cork of the bottle cap should be opened at an appropriate time. ‧The watering frequency depends on the planting conditions. Cooler temperatures in spring and autumn can increase the watering frequency, and the watering amount should be reduced when the summer is hot. ‧Watering is based on the principle of one-time watering (that is, excess water will flow out of the holes at the bottom of the pot). ‧Avoid sprinkling directly on the plant body when watering, and do not leave water drops on the plant leaves to avoid the possibility of leaf rotten or leaf burns. __Please refer to Fesike's official website> Planting small things__ **Precautions** • Plants will change and adjust due to the seasons • Succulents are live commodities, the seven-day appreciation period service is not applicable, and no return or exchange is allowed after the sale. • Do not let children under six years old use alone • No overseas delivery service for products with plants


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