Customized Pet Big Head Pillow | Draw Your Dog Cat Cat Pillow

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Double-sided custom made your dog, cat, cat, super fluffy and hug. The pillowcase can be removed for cleaning and water repellent. Concealed zipper design, texture plus points. A variety of background colors can be selected by yourself, plus your dog and c


Customized Pet Big Head Pillow | Draw Your Dog Cat Cat Pillow


**Please do not place an order directly. Please be sure to send a message to confirm the production schedule and photos before ordering!** Both sides have custom-made your hair child, super fluffy good hug Pillowcase can be removed for cleaning, water repellent material Concealed zipper design, texture plus points A variety of background colors can be selected by yourself, and you can add your pet name in the blank space! **客 Custom case** **♪ Take a look at other custom works!** **挑选 Pick the background** **♪ About the pillow** ★ The custom-made pattern is a big head pattern, without the whole body ★ Customized the same pattern (can be different background), the second from the pillow for $800 each (Confirm the order for the second or more, we will give you another purchase link!) ★ You can also draw 2 hairy children! The second baby pattern can be purchased on the back (double-sided different hair children), the purchase price is the price plus $1200 (Additional purchase link will be given when the confirmation is confirmed) ★ If the pillow is printed on both sides, Pillow for the second from $990 each (different background) **Customized custom-made products, you can purchase the same pattern portraits for $500!** (The same specifications as this portrait: ) **订 Customized process:** Send a message to confirm the production schedule, and send a photo of the pet to the customer to confirm ↓ After receiving our reply, place an order and pay at pinko ↓ We will send you a confirmation picture within 5 working days after payment, please reply to us after confirmation. (Only confirm the background color and print position, we only have one designer, the business volume is large, we can't modify the painting, please agree to buy again!) ↓ Shipped within 15 working days after receiving your confirmation **抱 Pillow specifications** Size: 45 * 45 cm Pillowcase: water repellent 8N canvas (Polyester) Pillow: polyester fiber Zipper: YKK® invisible zipper Place of Origin: Taiwan **抱 Pillow maintenance** - The pillowcase can be washed with slow warm water. Do not use bleach, strong detergent or high temperature drying. - Pillow is not recommended for cleaning! **♪ Precautions** ⚠️ The color may vary depending on the display and the light. Chloe has tried to present the original color of the product, but it is still based on the physical color! ⚠️ Products will have a store signature ⚠️ The higher the resolution of the photo to be customized, the better the effect. 客 Customized goods are not applicable to the seven-day appreciation period, production begins after payment, no cancellation, return or exchange is accepted 客 Customized products need to be placed before making the payment. ⚠️ We currently only provide super-commercial pick-up, and we need to present a photo ID matching the name when picking up the goods. 客 Customized works are for personal use by the purchaser only and should not be used for any commercial or profit-making purposes. ⚠️ The work of drawing Chloe & Lala enjoys the promotion, display and display of rights 响应 Responsive to environmental protection, no gift wrapping ⚠️ In order to convey the convenience when you pick up the goods, the pillowcase and the pillow are separately packaged. After receiving it, you should put the pillow into the pillowcase yourself! **♪ Add my dog cat** Plus purchase the same pattern**custom pet stickers** Chloe will put the painted works on the community and share them with you. If you don't want to be shared, tell me! The order is deemed to agree to the above content


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