Customized image fortune cookie chocolate variety gift box optional Mi Yue ceremony parent-child

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●You can put new parents and baby photos on the fortune cookies ●You can order and specify the date of receipt immediately ●If you want to provide a variety of life photos or patterns ●This item will be randomly matched with various colors of chocolate ●We


6g x 6


Customized image fortune cookie chocolate variety gift box optional Mi Yue ceremony parent-child


**We will help to provide a cute picture of Father's Day printed on the cookies, just need to design the signature content yourself.** You can also provide photos, pictures, and texts to make edible visual fortune cookies, such as novice mom and dad, grandmother and baby photo photos, couple photos, life photos, corporate logog vision, favorite images, this product will be random Match all kinds of chocolates! Unique birthday gift graduation gift for old gift QUOTES daily fortune cake handmade professionally made crispy pancake taste, abandoning the shortcomings of the general too thick, too hard and too sweet to enter the entrance, many consumers have tasted other merchants or foreign fortune cookies, will react with us difficult to enter, and we The fortune cookies produced by other merchants are better in terms of taste and quality. The fortune cookies on the market are similar in appearance but the taste and flavor are very different. QUOTES Tiantian Fortune Cake will be your best gift. Gift business gifts. [lucky cake value FORTUNE COOKIE VALUE] When you fold the fortune cookie by hand, you will find a lucky sign. The text inside will bring you surprises, happiness, inspiration, confidence and positive energy, so that you can create one for yourself, suitable for lucky environment, I I believe you will do it! **[Introduction to Customized Signature]** Everyday fortune cake allows you to express the most sincere affection for the most cherished people. Lucky signing can design the signature content according to your creative ingenuity, creating more surprises for others and bringing full happiness. ☆☆☆☆ When ordering multiple boxes and giving them to different objects, we can help to mark each box! Allows you to recognize after receiving 1. The contents of the signature can be placed in the emoji and picture logo, using the language of each country or designing the signature. 2, the signature can be hand-painted graffiti, or you can mail the entity to send us a cookie! 3, can design jigsaw puzzle 4, a number of boxes can be designed for several signatures and images, will not limit the number! **[Signature version selection]** 数量 Quantity: See**Product Specifications**, the product specifications are available in gift box styles, each fortune cake has a separate packaging bag, designed by QUOTES Tiantian Fortune Cake team, the packaging material is made in Taiwan, non- The public version of the mainland imported packaging bags, the back of the packaging bags are printed with warnings to remind consumers not to eat the lucky label! **[Other gift box style selection]** ♥ Product Liability Insurance: Fubon Property Insurance 0525-17AML0001078 ♥ Fortune cookie size: about 6-7cm after the biscuit is formed, non-small size biscuits 签 Signature paper: printed on safe and qualified food grade paper, free of fluorescent agent, and the signature is randomly placed in the biscuit. 赏 Appreciation period: no preservatives are added. It is recommended to be eaten within one week. It can be stored for two weeks. There is no store sales, only orders are made, so there will be no inventory sales, and sales on the Internet will be freshly produced. Delicious tasting, preserved at room temperature 制作 Production principle: Taiwan is made by hand on the ground, it is more crispy than other production methods, the taste is natural, and the amount of sugar is halved. 成分 Ingredients: eggs, sugar, flour, oil, milk powder, chocolate, food coloring 夏日 Summer storage reminder: all the way to the delivery is normal temperature delivery, do not open the touch biscuit immediately after receiving the product, wait to move to the air-conditioned space, let stand for 10 minutes to let the chocolate harden and then open, if necessary, low temperature delivery Please contact us first QUOTES Lucky Cookies are used to create a wedding party, suitable for table ceremony, bridesmaid, second gift, giveaway, birthday gift, corporate event, marketing gift, campus event, graduation gift, family dinner, lover confession, moon Gifts, resignation blessings, newcomers and gatherings, lucky cookie events can make the atmosphere lively [product shipment date] Send it within 5 working days, please let me know immediately, I will arrange it for you. [Commodity Shipment Packaging Commitment] 【mission】 QUOTES Everyday Fortune Cake is derived from the founder's passion for life and the infinite dream of the future. It turns into an inspiring action plan, making fortune cookies with positive positive hearts, making lucky fortune cookies more positive energy, and practicing cards. The first article of the internal fund science is: no criticism, no blame, no complaints, facing various challenges, QUOTES every day lucky cake invites everyone to embrace the beauty of life, hold every day of happiness. 【Service Introduction】 Every lucky cookie can bring you good luck, customized signature, variety of tastes, delicious food, wedding gifts, moon ceremony, Valentine's Day gift, Father's Day gift, year-end tail, mother's day gift, birthday Gifts, New Year congratulations, party games, corporate events and public relations marketing, providing exclusive programs to create more surprises and bring happiness [Professional fast enterprise customer production] [Past service customers] Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Breguet Watch, Eslite Life, BMW Jude, Taishin Bank, Taishin Art Gold Club, DBS Bank, Ai Play World, Luxasia Taiwan. Taiwan Luya, NISSAN Yuxin Auto, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Ambrose, Hong Kong Business Ditis Digital Cinema System DTS, China University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Sports Management Association, KKBOX, Pacific Sogo Department Store, etc. Hundreds of company groups


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