Eat your boredom-cute dinosaur charm handmade leather suture optional colors

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🦖The cute and cute dinosaur can help you eat all the worries of the whole day. You can touch it to relieve stress if you have anything to do, take it home quickly!


Eat your boredom-cute dinosaur charm handmade leather suture optional colors


🦖The cute and cute dinosaur can help you eat all the worries of the whole day. You can touch it to relieve stress if you have anything to do, take it home quickly! //Product specifications// Size: 6.5cm in diameter. Material: Italian imported square vegetable tanned cowhide. Origin and production method: handmade in Taiwan. //Free project// **Custom stitch color:** You can choose the color of the stitches for this product~**Please note the color when you place the order**, if there is no note about the stitch color, it will be shipped randomly. Use**Fassaline twine**produced by the French Hermès queen brand Fairkin **Not easy to break, not easy to rot, resistant to wear** Is the reason we chose him After all, a good leather can be used for a very long time It's not a pity if the leather is not broken but the stitches are broken! 1. Black 2. Light gray 3. Beige 4. Light brown 5. Coffee 6. Wine red 7. Dark pink 8. Orange 9. Yellow 10. Forest green 11. Blue 12. Turkish blue 13. Light purple Free imprint service This product provides free English or digital imprinting services. Please note the content to be imprinted when placing an order. Unlimited language. The number of imprinted characters is mainly within 8 characters. If it exceeds, you can ask the designer before placing the order. , If the imprinting position needs to be specified, please make a note when placing the order. If there is no note, the position evaluated by the designer shall prevail. //Material characteristics and maintenance// What is vegetable tanned leather? Vegetable tanned leather as the name suggests is to use**vegetable tanned leather out**, a preserved through to tannic acid plant leather collectively, it is**the oldest and most primitive method of tanning leather**, and this type The characteristic of the leather is that its color is initially**light-skinned**, but due to factors such as sun exposure, use time, air contact, and water contact, it will gradually change from light color to caramel color or even deeper The more beautiful your leather is used, the brighter and brighter you use it. And the leather we choose is**processed without any surface treatment**, because when cows grow naturally, they will have**natural lines and scars**like human skin, and the surface processing is like makeup Similarly, all defects can be hidden, so usually**leather with poor leather surface condition needs surface treatment**, and because our leather lacks the cover of chemical coating, we can experience the real texture of leather . Basic maintenance: We greasy vegetable-tanned leather are optional leather, are very rich oil from Italy or the Americas, at**does not require special maintenance oil to smear on maintenance**, and human skin itself secrete Grease, so**usually using your leather goods is actually the best maintenance**. If the hit the water**wet with**, and directly**dried**like, as often encountered due to water if the leather to dry, may be a thin layer of leather care oil to rub on the amount,**Do not use skin care products such as lotion or petroleum jelly**, because it may cause the pores of the leather to be blocked and cause damage to the leather. For normal storage, please store the leather in a cool and ventilated place to avoid excessive humidity causing mold. If mold is found, wipe the surface with a dry cloth, and use it frequently to avoid mold regeneration. //Precautions// ▼ This product is customized product,**confirm payment**until after the start of production, working hours**14 working days (excluding holidays)**product will be sent, but will not have the opportunity to advance If there is a delay,**Please do not place an order if there is an urgent need**. ▼We use the leather without surface, because the leather comes from natural organisms, so the surface must have natural lines and scars. ▼Because this product uses vegetable tanned leather, its characteristic is that the color will change due to different environments and usage conditions, so the color part is subject to the color of the product actually received. ▼This product is purely handmade, so the size cannot achieve zero error. ▼This product is a customized product. If it is not a functional problem that affects the use, it cannot be returned or exchanged. If the above precautions cannot be accepted,**Please consider carefully before purchasing.**


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