Customized multicolor leather goatskin series macaron dreamy color mint green iPhone case

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Macarooon hand-made leather anti-fall series iPhone mobile phone case series, high-standard anti-fall performance, up to 24 colors of leather mobile phone case, this is the only one in the market, like French dessert macarons, the dreamy color, plus Luxuri



Customized multicolor leather goatskin series macaron dreamy color mint green iPhone case


*We have recently launched the leather watch strap for Apple Watch Apple Watch. Please visit our design gallery to learn more.* "Customize your own leather phone case for you" __**Leather drop-proof series**__ Macarooon hand-made leather anti-fall series iPhone mobile phone case series, high-standard anti-fall performance, plus up to 27-color leather mobile phone case, the only one on the market, like French dessert macarons, the dreamy color Plus a luxurious custom exclusive bronzing stamp name, tailor-made for you. Customizable hot stamping: ◢ High-specification anti-fall phone case, the whole phone case is all-inclusive, protect your phone from all angles, perfectly match the iPhone's curved frame, it is very lightweight and will not add weight ◢The lens position of the mobile phone case is higher than the lens, which can protect the lens 按键 The keys are all-inclusive, especially easy to press, and can also protect your phone from all angles ◢Holes are provided, suitable for attaching anti-theft lanyards or hanging mobile phone straps when going abroad 制造 Made with top goatskin to give you the best texture. Goats are softer than common cowhide, with fine and detailed embossing, high toughness and scratch resistance. Macarooon was selected for the original Kingsley antique stamping machine made in California in the 1970s, and has the only exclusive variety of fonts on the market to choose from, to customize your name or words for your leather goods, to create a unique product that becomes The best gift for yourself or someone important. If you choose to purchase the custom stamping name, please select "Customized hot stamping: (you need the model)" in the product specification when ordering, for example, "Customized hot stamping: iPhone X / XS" Please also tell the designer on the "Remarks" column when placing an order: 1. Favorite fonts (please fill in the font number according to the table below) 2. I want to stamp the name or word of the stamp (for the time being, only the English font is available, there is no Chinese bronzing service) 3. The position of the bronzing can be selected as follows: "Bottom": below the phone case, above the round "M" word LOGO; or "Up": Above the phone case, the Apple LOGO location Guest preparation note example: Font 3, MICHELLE, Location: Down Please refer to the following picture to select the font: Note 1: Please pay attention to the different font sizes, please use the usage tool, do not like the size of yourself Note 2: The font size and the small picture above are subject to Note 3: The word limit has included a space, such as "I LOVE YOU", because there are two spaces, plus 8 English letters, so the total number of words is 10. Note 4: Customization takes about 2-5 working days ◢ Free gift box packaging service The best gift to send your heart and wishes: The most close-fitting mobile phone with a couple phone case makes you feel that you are always by your favorite person. The most important thing is the love and meaning contained in the couple phone case. Give encouragement and courage to your best friend Give yourself a unique gift Please note that each piece of leather has a unique natural texture, with occasional special lines, which are characteristic of real leather, not a quality issue. When using a leather case, especially a light-colored leather case, try to avoid rubbing against dark clothes and avoid staining. In addition, we have tried to avoid chromatic aberration, but the color on the screen of different electronic products may be slightly different, so please be considerate. At the same time, please note that our mobile phone case is made thin and just wraps your mobile phone completely. The mobile phone with plastic film may not be fully inserted. Please pay attention. Leather care 1: Try to avoid contact with water or alkaline substances, or wash with alkaline soap. 2: Try not to rub against hard, sharp materials to prevent scratches and damage. 3: Try to avoid rubbing with easily faded items or clothing (such as jeans) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Other color number links: Color 1: Color 2: Color No. 3: Color 4: Color No. 5: Color 6: Color 7: Color 8: Color 9: Color 10: Color 11: Color 12: Color 13: Color 14: Color 15: No. 16 color: Color 17: Color 18: Color 19: Color 20: Color 21: Color 22: Color 23: Color 24: Color 25: Color 26: Color 27: Delivery arrangements: Hong Kong buyers: * It is recommended not to leave Hong Kong residential address as the delivery address, it will be faster to use SF Suggested choices: The delivery address is Hong Kong Industrial and Commercial Area (excluding remote areas) or Hong Kong SF Station. It will be sent by SF Express and will be delivered within 1-2 working days after being sent. Hong Kong SF Station List If the delivery address is a Hong Kong residence, it will be sent by Hongkong Post. Taiwan buyers: It will be sent by SF Express. It will be delivered within 1-2 working days after being sent. In some areas, it takes 0.5-1 working days to get the statute of limitations. You can go to the SF Express website for details. Macau buyers: Will be sent by SF Express, usually sent within 1-2 working days after being sent. Other overseas buyers: Will be sent by registered post by Hongkong Post