Rose Garden Compound Essential Oil-Pure plant compound interweaves the gentle breath of Turkish rose

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Rose Garden Compound Essential Oil is a compound essential oil prepared by German essential oil experts, using 5 pure natural essential oils and plant extracts to simulate the smell of Turkish rose. Abandon the chemical additives, so that you who love roses can safely add it in massage, bathing and daily maintenance, so that the compound flower aroma of pure


Rose Garden Compound Essential Oil-Pure plant compound interweaves the gentle breath of Turkish rose


*Rose Garden compound essential oil cannot be used on the skin alone, it must be mixed with cosmetic products or base oil in a ratio of less than 1:25. **About|AGRICOLA Compound Essential Oil Series** The compound essential oil series is based on pure single essential oils, and is a professional formula designed for various needs in daily life. Whether it is to boost the spirit, relax, or change the mood, it can be immersed in the beautiful plant breath at the same time, Get peace of mind from nature. ❖The entire product line is made in Germany, imported with original packaging, without filling. **"5 kinds of natural essential oils interweave the charming atmosphere of the rose garden"** Rose essential oil is also known as "after essential oils". The unique aroma comes from up to 78 complex aroma molecules. The smell is elegant, sweet and uplifting. However, the production of natural rose oil requires a lot of fresh petals, which is very expensive and difficult to obtain. Agricola planters use the power of essential oil experts to reconcile the fascinating aroma of natural plant extracts to simulate the fascinating scent of Turkish rose. Without chemical addition, they can also indulge in the exciting power of rose fragrance. **Ingredients | Rose Garden Compound Essential Oil Full Ingredients** ◎Pure essential oil compound: Chinese: geranium essential oil, rosewood essential oil, pine needle essential oil, pheasant pepper oil, clove oil, Damascus rose extract, geraniol*, citronellol*, neroli*, phenethyl alcohol*, vitamins E. *Fragrance factors of natural origin INCI: Pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil, Aniba rosaeodora (rosewood) Wood oil, Pinus sylvestris (Pine) Leaf Oil, Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower oil, Rosa Damascena Flower Extract, Geraniol, Citronellol, Nerol, Phenethyl Alcohol **To Use | How to use** ❖**Space Environment Fragrance**: With equipment such as water oxygen machine, diffuser, etc., the sweet smell of roses is transmitted to every corner of the room, creating an elegant, cheerful, and pleasant environment. ❖**Essential oil bath**: When bathing, add a few drops of rose garden compound essential oil diluted with base oil in hot water to fully evaporate the rose aroma through the steam and heal every corner of the soul. ❖**Massage Relaxation**: Mix with the base oil to let the vitality of 5 kinds of plant extracts infiltrate the skin, and the aroma of Turkish rose can fully relax the body and mind, making the massage time more enjoyable, intimate and completely liberating the body and mind. ❖**Fragrant Bath**: Add 1~2 drops of rose garden compound essential oil to shampoo and body wash to bring a new and pleasant feeling to the bath time. ❖**Daily maintenance**: Add 1~2 drops of Rose Garden compound essential oil to lotion, cream or maintenance oil. 5 kinds of plant essence can protect the skin, soften the texture of the product, and add a pleasant fragrance. **– AGRICOLA Botanist Herbal Care Series –** With "power born in the soil" as its core value, traditional aromatherapy formulas derived from the European continent are adjusted to suit Taiwan's climate and environment through international cooperation. The entire product line is made in Germany, imported with original packaging, and is based on the brand's own essential oil series, and 100% does not contain any chemical additives. ❖The entire product line is made in Germany, imported with original packaging, without filling. - **Invoice issuance instructions** • In response to paperless invoices, the design hall will not send paper invoices separately, instead of electronic invoices. The e-invoice notification letter will be issued within 3 working days after you receive the goods and the e-invoice number will be returned through Pinkoi's on-site system. • If you need a paper invoice or a two-part paper invoice for a company household, you must select the invoice type and enter the invoice receiving address when filling in the information at the checkout. After receiving the information, we will arrange for you to send it by "registered mail" within 7 working days after shipment. • After receiving the invoice notification letter, you can query the invoice information on the electronic invoice integration service platform of the Ministry of Finance. • If you want the e-invoice to be used as a vehicle to return to your account, remember to fill in the number of your return-to-receive mobile phone vehicle in the [Electronic Invoice Mobile Vehicle Column] when ordering (the system will automatically remember it in the future). • If you store the invoice in the planter’s vehicle, after the Ministry of Finance announces the winning number on the 29th of the lottery month, the planter will notify the winner via SMS or email within 10 working days, and provide the winning e-mail by registered mail The invoice certificate is used as the certificate of award. Thank you for your patience, and bless you with luck! -


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