Classic K Gold Diamond Ring

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Material | 10K Gold, Cultivating Diamonds | Drill Weight | 0.285ct | Commodity | Diamondream Drawer Jewelry Box, Special


Classic K Gold Diamond Ring

商品説明 Diamondream's flagship 10K gold jewellery has the same high quality as Japanese jewellery. Due to the reasonable market price of 10K gold, it is less susceptible to allergies, tough texture, and retro gold color than pure silverware and other cheap metals. . The Diamonds used by Diamondream are all diamond-cultivated, with exquisite cuts that give the diamonds a perfect sparkle. When you look closely at the diamond, you can see that the natural reflection reflects a colorful rainbow. This kind of beauty is no longer a dream. You can also have your own diamonds in a limited budget. Cultivating diamonds is also known as "scientific and technological drilling". It is created by simulating the growth environment of natural diamonds. It is called lab-diamond or created diamond abroad. The formation of cultivating diamonds does not require destruction of the earth's surface, no labor exploitation, and it is friendly to nature. Therefore, it is also known as "Green Diamond." There are many jewelry brands in Europe and the United States that cultivate diamonds as top jewelry materials. Cultivating diamonds is a true diamond, which has exactly the same composition and characteristics as natural diamonds. It is not a substitute for diamonds such as zircon, moissanite, or Soviet Union drills. Since the cultivation of diamonds is not limited by the purchase price of the original stone, the cut can be more accurate and the flames shine even more. Compared with natural diamonds of the same grade, the prices are more affordable and the diamonds are still dazzling. **/ Why we choose to cultivate diamonds /** __price__ Many girls dream of diamonds in their hearts, but because of the high prices and deterrence, and even completely out of touch because of the reality of the diamond. In terms of price, we choose the same level as natural diamonds, but the retail price is much lower than that of natural diamonds, which brings people closer to dreams and reality. "Buying is Voting", every purchase is like a ballot. Consumption also determines the appearance of the future world. The world should not leave people with no choice. Diamondream is committed to promoting the cultivation of diamonds. It is looking forward to breaking the inequalities caused by prices and getting rid of constrained consumer spending. Diamonds are part of life and everyone can have their own diamonds. __Environmental protection__ In the production of diamonds, only a certain amount of electricity and raw materials are used in the production process, rather than the destructive exploitation of the surface by large-scale machinery. The development of diamonds will not result in the production of diamonds, conflict diamonds, child labor and human rights violations. Cultivating diamonds not only protects the global environment, but also reduces carbon emissions, reduces the burden on the environment, and at the same time promotes world peace. It is a friendly green jewelry. According to reports, Leonardo, who has starred in the movie Blood Diamond, has invested in the development of diamonds in support of the humane production of synthetic diamonds. He said: "For investing in Diamond Foundry, a California-based diamond production company. It is proud that the company’s continuous cultivation of diamond technology is expected to reduce the damage caused to diamond mining to mining workers and to the environment.” __More shiny__ Diamonds can reflect three kinds of optical phenomena: “light,” “flare,” and “flash.” Bright light refers to the white sparkling light that is reflected off the surface, and fire light is the white light that is dispersed into colorful light. Glittering is related to the number of cut surfaces of diamonds, and the more the cut surface, the stronger the flash will be. Since natural diamonds are subject to the price of the original material, in order to retain the largest proportion of diamond ore, the lathes are often restricted. The cultivation of diamonds is not subject to this restriction, and the three perfect radiances of the diamonds can be distributed with perfect turning. __True diamond__ Lab-cultivated diamonds are diamonds in the true sense, and their chemical, physical, atomic, optical and all properties are exactly the same as those of natural diamonds; currently, diamonds are commonly made in two ways, high temperature and high pressure (HPHT) or chemical vapor. Precipitation (CVD) is generated in the laboratory analogous to the natural diamond generation environment, reproduces the carbon element reaction and converts it into a real diamond. **/ Professionally identified diamonds /** The development of diamonds under international trends, including the certification laboratory (GCAL), the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and other international authoritative jewellery and certification institutions, has incorporated cultivating diamonds into professional appraisals. Professional jewelry appraisers will grade diamonds based on the 4C criteria set by GIA, including colour, clarity, carat, and cut.


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