Eco-friendly tableware bag-Xiaolongbao Taiwan snacks

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✓Original pictures and flowers✓Easily pick and place tableware✓Hooked surface devil felt✓Inner cloth waterproof



Eco-friendly tableware bag-Xiaolongbao Taiwan snacks

商品説明 Feel the tableware bag, take your favorite pattern with you, and implement environmental protection easily and simply! The size of the bag body has been tested and modified, with a special increase in length Generally available chopsticks, forks and spoons can be put in Of course, the straw set is no problem ✌ 👉The internal space is large, and the actual measurement can hold 1 set each of the tableware set and the straw set 👉The water-repellent material is used for the inside, and the tableware will not be directly stained on the cloth after using the tableware when going out The material of the slippery surface is easy to clean, and the inside can be turned over, clean without dead ends👌 👉Hidden opening design, visually looks simple and generous Use devil felt to fix the opening for easy access to tableware Specially selected more detailed hook noodles, easy and elegant when opening and closing The tableware can also be firmly wrapped and not easy to fall out😊 The cutlery bag is made of cotton-like heat transfer pattern, which is thick and stiff to the touch The cloth is clean, wear-resistant and not easy to fluff **❘ Picture Flower Story❘** Eat for life Taiwanese snacks are not only a corner of life in Taiwan Can better appreciate the authentic human touch Good food fills our stomachs It also carries memory and culture As the years go by Taste more delicious **Xiao Long Bao** White chubby round Lock the golden gravy The moment you bite Infinitely delicious in your mouth **❘ Commodity information❘** • Material | Tableware bag: table cloth + lining Polyester polyester fiber | tableware: beech • Size | Tableware bag about 26.5 x 6.5 cm | Chopsticks 23 cm | Spoon 18 cm • Origin | Designed / Made in Taiwan **❘ Notes❘** ▴ Due to the personal computer screen settings, the actual product color is slightly deviated, and the actual product color shall prevail. ▴ The density of the cloth is the weave and grain of the cloth itself, not a defect. ▴ Hand-made factors, the size of each finished product is slightly different. ▴ The fabric is randomly cut, and the position of the pattern on each finished product is slightly different. ▴ Hand washing is recommended for daily cleaning. Use lotion to gently rub the dirty area and wash with water to remove stains. If you use a brush to avoid scrubbing hard, it will cause the cloth surface to wear. ▴ The tableware is polished by hand, the size is slightly different, and the color of each batch of wood is slightly different.


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