Xiaoyu watermelon hand-dyed tent (excluding wooden sticks)

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Breeze, cool sunny afternoon, prepare food Set up Xiaoyu watermelon tent and have a picnic together



Xiaoyu watermelon hand-dyed tent (excluding wooden sticks)


**☀Xiaoyu watermelon tent☀** **✓ Hand dyed ✓ Decoration ✓ Super cute** Breeze, cool sunny afternoon, prepare food Set up Xiaoyu watermelon tent and have a picnic together An adult tent that allows you to play with friends, children or pets Refreshing watermelon yellow with hand drawn watermelon black seeds Grass picnics and home decor are all suitable, and taking pictures is full of cuteness! **/ Size /** Set the size: Bottom area about 120cm x 120cm The tent is about 140cm high (after adding the upper wooden stick, the height is about 175cm) (Plus or minus 3cm is a reasonable error range) https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4908/45349902214_d8320a6ba8_o_d.png Wooden stick size: **caution! This piece does not include four wooden sticks. For the specifications of the self-purchased wooden sticks, please refer to the schematic diagram of the wooden sticks** 180cm long, round, 2.5cm in diameter. Can be drilled 15cm down from the upper end of the wooden stick for fixing the rope https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4896/45349902444_a6287d469d_o_d.png **/ Footage /** Dyed plain fabric Handmade tailor with hand drawn watermelon black seeds A hand-made watermelon tent ~ **Check out our assembly video ~** https://youtu.be/-v2fUkwmmXM **/ Brand Story /** Flea-fashion dyeing and weaving is a dyeing and weaving design brand founded by Guang and Zoma. We combine hand-dyeing technology from Taiwan, Japan and the United States, and combine tradition and modernity to create fresh and creative dyeing and weaving designs with multi-color dyeing as the medium. From dressing up clothes, making cloth and wrappings to home decoration, flea exercises bring you rich color aesthetic proposals. https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1773/44063959461_c4d2aaf665_b_d.jpg From design, dyeing, to sewing, we have three beliefs in making dyed and woven works: to create good works with the heart of professionals; to let everyone know about dyeing and creation with good works; and to provide the fun of taste of color in daily life with dyeing and creation. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/47845745532_509ddf91ab_b_d.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/47951284788_a6134c11d7_b_d.jpg **/ Reminder/** **✐About color difference** ►Different screen monitors, colors may be slightly different Friends who have precise color requirements, please consider carefully before placing an order! **✐About how to take care of your dye** ►The hand-dyed products have been fixed and soap-washed before shipment, so they can be used with peace of mind. ►Slight spitting is normal during the first few cleanings ►Avoid washing machines, laundry detergent and dehydration Because we ca n’t master the washing habits of everyone who uses washing machines, If it is caused by the use of the washing machine, any damage to the hand dyed products is not within our scope! ►Please use a neutral detergent "hand wash"-gently wash with soap and body wash that can be washed by the human body Do not rub vigorously is the safe and best way, simply decontamination can avoid hurting hand dyed products ►Please wash each hand dyed product separately and dry it as soon as possible after washing to avoid rubbing it into a wet state. 坨 or stacked with other fabrics ►Hand-dyed products are slim and beautiful. Please avoid using detergents containing bleaching ingredients and excessive alkaline when cleaning. (Such as Bi X, collar essence, strong detergent laundry detergent, crystal soap, etc., especially bleach) ►Dry naturally, avoid excessive sun exposure and avoid using dryer


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