Desert Buddy Series-Meerkat Meerkat 20cm Gold Bone China Plate

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Meerkat Bonito-Phnom Penh Bone China Plate Red Riding Hood Sheriff: Don't worry ~ I will also guard your food seriously today!


Desert Buddy Series-Meerkat Meerkat 20cm Gold Bone China Plate


Meerkat Bonito-Phnom Penh Bone China Plate / Product description and story / Hudson-Edward, Captain of the Guard Always like to wear a striking red hat Everyone asks: Is my red hat particularly good-looking? Animal friend profile: Chinese: Fox English: Meerkat Scientific name: Suricata suricatta Category: mammals Distribution: South Africa Size: 700 ~ 731 grams Life expectancy: 12 ~ 14 years Endangered: No crisis / design concept / Tired of the same plate? I have burned a good dish but I can't find a plate that can be matched? Let Rabbit Walker enter your world! Cute animal friends will accompany you through meals and eat well ~ / Product specifications/ 20cm in diameter / Material / Plate: Bone China (the edge of the plate is hand-painted pure gold) Packaging: brand kraft box packaging / Origin & manufacturing methods / Designed and manufactured by MIT Taiwan / Use and maintenance methods / ► This product is a bone china appliance. Please handle it carefully to avoid heavy drops or knocking on the product. If you are unwilling to use it, you can also erect it into a decorative plate, which is both practical and beautiful. ► Although the product is fired at high temperature, do not use an oven or microwave because the edge of the plate is pure gold. ► Proper maintenance to avoid scratching and care for the earth from generation to generation. / Purchase Notes/ ► The appearance of small air bubbles and small black spots in the production of porcelain is normal and not a defect, which does not affect the aesthetic use. Please pay attention to perfectionists. Rabbit Walker Porcelain Q & A ▲ What is bone china? Editor R: Bone porcelain was originally called bone china, and it was called bone china for short. It was invented by the British in 1794. It was named after adding bone powder of herbivores such as cattle and sheep to its porcelain soil. Green goods. The texture of bone china products is hard and durable, with unique light transmission. The bone powder content of 25% can be called bone china. Rabbit Walker's bone china is a first-grade bone china with a bone powder content of more than 40%. ▲ Will the plate pattern fall off? R editor: Rabbit Walker, the pattern is melted into porcelain by high temperature kiln firing, the surface is rich in smoothness, anti-scratch and anti-wear, and it is safe and worry-free in use and does not fade. ★ Bone china is a fine high-quality porcelain, please use a soft vegetable cloth to avoid scratching the surface. ▲ Can the plate be microwaved? Editor R: Microwave-free products can be microwaved without problem! But as long as it is a product that has undergone the gold painting process, it cannot be microwaved! Because Phnom Penh is 22K pure gold, metal entering the microwave oven will spark with the microwave. Please avoid putting it in the microwave oven to avoid danger. ▲ Is there any poisoning problem in using porcelain? Editor R: Our company's production plant has passed the SGS test and passed the US FDA food container and packaging hygiene standard test. We use international standards for testing, so that users can feel safe and secure.


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