Halloween pumpkin diffused incense stone fragrant stone

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Halloween pumpkin shape expands the aroma stone, a kind of cute with a little bit of 诡谲, gift for personal use is appropriate, with a gift for more convenient gifts


Halloween pumpkin diffused incense stone fragrant stone


/ Product desciption/ Halloween pumpkin shape expansion stone has a total of four styles A angry pumpkin B witch hat angry pumpkin C 诡 pumpkin D witch hat with different pumpkins *BD two are currently sold out The fragrant stone itself is odorless. The essential oil or perfume can be absorbed on the diffused stone to absorb the taste for a while. Remember to drop it at the bottom. Can be placed in confined spaces such as cabinets, drawers, etc. Expanding the fragrant stone is natural and environmentally friendly. If you want to change the taste and soak the water (about 3 seconds or the faucet is washed for 1 second), it can be dripped into other essential oils. It is normal for the fragrant stone to be slightly powdered. This is a custom order Subscript to the shipping time is five days, welcome to the private information we know whether there is a spot, so that you can gift time. / Size / Length, width and height: witch hat pumpkin = 4.1 x 4.1 x 5.5 (cm) Pumpkin = 4.1 x 4.1 x 3.3 (cm) / Package Contents/ - Four sets of special price 600 yuan, the design hall full of 500 will enjoy free shipping discount - There is no accompanying proof of receipt of the relevant fees, please feel free to purchase, if you need to open a separate receipt, please contact us. - Each box comes with instructions for use, and the gift is convenient / Value Added Service / - Birthday, congratulations to the small card free writing service, if necessary, please write the contents of the private message, the number of words within 10 words / Precautions/ This product is a hard diffused aroma, non-fragrance wax. Every piece of work is handmade. It is normal to have hand-made traces such as color difference or surface bubbles. It is too perfect for perfectionists to buy! No fragrance is provided for each piece / Principle of the incense of the diffused stone / The diffused stone can absorb moisture and adjust humidity by many tiny pores (not 瑕疵喔!). When the humidity of the diffused pearl is lower than the humidity in the air, it will absorb moisture into the air; When the stone drops on the essential oil, it is adjusted by the humidity to achieve the effect of expanding the fragrance. Of course, you can also dip the diffused stone with water (or spray), and after a little drying, you can feel more by dropping the essential oil. To the effect of the incense! After the fragrance is lightened, the fragrance is replenished and the cycle can be repeated. / Special use / 放置 Placed in wardrobes, drawers, kitchen cabinets, etc., it absorbs moisture, deodorizes and makes the space fragrant (the size of the diffused stone will affect the diffusion range) ✔ If placed in a bag, it is recommended to use a snow bag or a bag of traditional Chinese medicine. This can avoid the traces of friction inside the bag, and can also increase the service life of Moai! ✔ It is strictly forbidden to make a hand-made diffused stone ※ There are other special diffused stones in the design hall. Welcome to visit https://www.pinkoi.com/store/dennychang915...


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