Cute handmade meow star chocolate (50)

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Cute handmade meow star chocolate (50)


Product Name: cute handmade meow star chocolate Commodity ingredients: milk chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, rice crackers. Product Specifications: 50 (individually wrapped, no carton) Product Size: Each about 4.5x5cm Save: to avoid hot and humid place, you can save at room temperature. Shelf life: 14 days at room temperature Can be customized: no Delivery method: Delivery, 7-11 to shop to take International Shipping: Yes (Not available in summer) Delivery note: [Delivery] Delivery process will have the risk may have too much we can not predict the situation, such as: natural disasters, unstable road conditions, such as the delivery brother slippery and so on irresistible factors. We will package the product before delivery, good protective measures, paste shipping consignment slips and warning signs. If you are concerned about the risk of home delivery, MISS CAT also provide pick-up, face to face, the pro-delivery method, you need to pick up the other way you can contact us. 【7-11 to shop to take】 Send today (before 17:00), non-delivery please do not specify the time. Goods will be sent to "DAY" and "DAY 4" of the store (If you use the service of rejecting the commercial ad SMS by the telecommunications company or can not receive the newsletters for a long time without powering on), in case of natural disasters, irresistible Factors and some stores due to the weekend is not open for business or other special reasons, is not guaranteed on the 2nd commitment scope of the goods, the delivery process if the goods damaged or missing, the maximum compensation limit of 1,000 yuan / piece as the ceiling (order amount of goods exceeds the maximum amount of compensation recommended home delivery , The scope of services limited to the island of Taiwan, some special stores (such as the Taiwan Railway store, high-speed rail stores, etc.) will provide delivery services. ※ winter use the normal room temperature distribution Summer use of low temperature distribution (to avoid sweetheart stick during the day delivery, because the temperature distribution inside the car at room temperature is too high, causing the outer layer of chocolate to melt, after receiving the cold room without refrigeration can be stored, unless the indoor temperature is very high !!) Summer can not be sent to Hong Kong and Macao, shipping only room temperature distribution, Hong Kong and Macao use SF distribution. Order Description: If there is a designated delivery date, you can directly order, after the next note specify the date of delivery can be specified, Set the time does not affect the shelf life, goods are produced before shipping. Precautions: Eat the best to eat fresh, as soon as possible consumption is completed. 5 days before the specified arrival date under the urgent order does not accept 7-11 to shop to take. Because of pure hand-made goods, real if there is a slight drop is a normal phenomenon. Happy online shopping is ... Products before ordering, please see the product information and save, delivery and other instructions, However, if you have questions or do not understand the goods, you can send a telegram to ask Europe. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade


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