Tremella Rumei Hydrating Mask Mud (can be selected for 5 packages)

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The skin of the hot summer skin begins to appear dry and oily... "Silver ear, beautiful moisturizing mud", moi



Tremella Rumei Hydrating Mask Mud (can be selected for 5 packages)


__Makeup maintenance, simple and best__ Design and manufacture each moisturizing product with the concept of machine and nature. Different from the traditional chemical process, our process features... Simple: 6 or less raw materials Natural: 67% use edible materials, all ingredients from natural products Cold: 2000W UV sterilization + nitrogen storage directly to your hand Moisturizing: 100% vegetable oil, nourishing material, gold ratio design "Cosmetic Care" is a real discussion for us only with a simple and safe formula. __DreamSoap design__ . The transparent gum contained in Tremella is mainly polysaccharide, and its molecular weight is about 500,000 to 6 million. Dalton, which is an acidic heteropolysaccharide, and such a chemical structure, with black fungus It is quite different from the homopolysaccharides of other mushrooms. The composition of these gums is in our skin The gelatin protein is similar and can make our skin more hydrated and smooth. . Ceramide is a naturally occurring intercellular space between the stratum corneum of the skin. Lipid, a liposome linked by a mixture of neuropterin and fatty acids, with a total content of about intercellular lipids 40-50% of the quality. It is distributed in the intercellular space to form a natural waterproof film that prevents it Evaporation of water, allowing keratinocytes to lock in moisture, on the other hand, more resistant to foreign germs and injuries harm. . Everyday on the hot summer skin, in addition to the high temperature external environment plus the blessing of beauty products Under the face, the skin of the face begins to appear dry, oily, dull skin, itchy skin, etc. It’s amazing. . DreamSoap Studio, for you to mix "silver ear beauty moisturizing mask mud"; add and skin skin Lipid membrane stratum corneum structure similar to neuropterin, natural moisturizing material Tremella polysaccharide and with shea butter A moisturizing mud blended with oil, sweet almond oil and other nourishing materials. . This moisturizing mask is used as the last maintenance in the daily life, so that the skin stays in the night Continued to be moisturized and maintained! . Using natural to maintain the skin, the skin is healthy! ! __Ingredients__ Shea butter. Sweet almond oil. Sugar. Tremella. Ceramide. Lecithin. Shea Butter. Sweet Almond Oil. Sugar. White Wood Ear. Ceramide. Lecithine. __Instructions__ 1. Water moisturizing facial skin 2. Peel the aluminum bag, inject water, and infiltrate the sugar for 1 minute. 3. Take out the sugar packet and squeeze the sugar mud with the belly sugar package. 4. Take facial massage with both hands (recommended eye micro-closure) 5. Wet the sugar packet with water (Repeat the above steps 4~5 several times) 6. Finally, wash gently with water. __Standard sizes__ Content: 1 pack Outer packing: W2.5*L10.5*H13 (cm) Origin: Taiwan __Precautions__ Shelf life: 3 months Applicable skin type: Suitable for general skin type. If you feel uncomfortable after use, stop using it immediately!! Storage: It should be placed in a cool place to avoid high temperature environment such as sunlight and hot air.


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