Waterproof work apron - plain / multi-function / bright day / month / free custom English word print

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Waterproof work apron - plain / multi-function / bright day //Commodity material: front tarpaulin, lining cotton, Italian vegetable tanned leather


Waterproof work apron - plain / multi-function / bright day / month / free custom English word print


✱ Product text: bright and dark days ✱ Product size: • Skirt length 80cm/90cm skirt width 62cm (excluding strap length) • Skirt length is 80 and 90 cm (model is 90 cm). Please specify the required length when ordering. If not specified, a length of 80 cm will be produced. ✱ Product material: Front tarpaulin, lining cotton, Italian vegetable tanned leather 美观 Beautiful and practical storage pocket for catering work clothes or flexible use in life. • The front tarpaulin is waterproof and dirt resistant. • Leather strap with a cross-back design that adjusts the strap length to fit your body. 布料 Fabric characteristics • The pattern position of the fabric is not the same due to manual cutting. Each apron is unique and has different flavors~ • The waterproof coating on the front tarpaulin of this apron is on the back of the fabric! Therefore, the surface has a texture of the general fabric and a waterproof effect. 清洁 Cleaning and maintenance • Due to the mixed leather material, it is recommended to wash by hand. The leather part is wiped with a paper towel or a dry cloth and dried in the shade. 皮革 Leather characteristics • It is normal for natural cows to bite and fight to cause natural scars. We will try to pick beautiful parts for you. Perfectionists should consider them carefully. • Vegetable tanned leather will slowly become darker over time, which is normal. 皮革 Leather cleaning and maintenance • When the leather is wet or wet, please wipe the water with a paper towel or a dry cloth as soon as possible, and let it dry naturally in a ventilated place. • Regularly use leather care oil (horn oil, oyster sauce) to wipe the leather to maintain the original luster and elasticity of the leather. • Wet leather should not be dried by a hair dryer or taken to the sun. The leather will become brittle due to heat, causing cracks or breakage. 手工 Handmade features and custom • This product can be printed in English and digitally! In the place where the words "Dark and Dark Moon" are printed in the product photo, you can print the English numbers you need. If you have a custom request, you can make a note when ordering. (English word limit: 6 characters in uppercase English letters, 7 characters in lowercase English letters and numbers, all with spaces) https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4897/39661684323_b4225a797f_b.jpg • The text on the leather is hand-printed and the kerning is different. 贴 Intimate reminder • Please read the product information before purchase. Non-commodity factors do not accept returns. • If you have special needs, please contact the design office. ✱ Introduction to the design hall The Hard Studio is an independent handmade brand in Taiwan that combines the characteristics of fabric and leather to create a unique bitter vocabulary. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48711007677_25899f8811_b.jpg


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