Panama Geisha-Altieri Estate Coffee Beans 100g |BOP Awarded Xinxing|

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Le Brewlife fresh self-baked beans Variety: Geisha/Geisha Washing treatment. Light medium baking


150g x 1


Panama Geisha-Altieri Estate Coffee Beans 100g |BOP Awarded Xinxing|

商品説明 "Panama Geisha" Panamanian Geisha-Altieri Estate It is unanimously loved by international judges and wins awards every year! In the World Coffee Contest, contestants selected beans and won the championship! Coffeereview scored 96 points in 2015! - || 100% Arabica fine coffee beans|| Country/Producing Area Panama, Boquete Variety/processing method/baking degree Geisha/Geisha Washing treatment. Light medium baking Flavor: Caramel sweetness, sweet peach, tangerine, sweet aftertaste, rich and solid taste - In the BOP Best Panama competition, there are unexpected new surprises every year; and recently there is a new-producing estate that shines, In the sun-tanning geisha group, he won the second place in one fell swoop, forcing the winning champion Emerald Manor, It is the Finca Altieri in Panama!! Panama is a new and super strong manor! Located in the Boquete production area of Panama, it is a neighbor of Elida Manor and a new manor! Operated by the owner of the estate, Eugene P. Altieri, it wins prizes at the Panama's Best Coffee Competition (BOP) every year! Coffeereview won the "96" high score in 2015 Klatch Coffee Panama Altieri Natural Geisha Winning record of the Best Panama Competition (BOP): 2018 Best Panama (BOP) Traditional Sunshine Group 5th 2nd place in the Best Panama (BOP) Sun Geisha category in 2017 2017 Best Panama (BOP) Washed Geisha Group 14th 2016 Best Panama (BOP) Washed Geisha Category 6th 11th place in the Best Panama (BOP) Sun Geisha category in 2016 2015 Best Panama (BOP) Washed Geisha Category 5th (Private Geisha) 2014 Best Panama (BOP) Washed Geisha Group 2nd (Private Geisha) 3rd place in the Best Panama (BOP) Washed Geisha category in 2014 2013 Best Panama (BOP) Washed Geisha Category 5th 2013 Best Panama (BOP) Traditional Group 10th - Eugene P. Altieri, owner of Finca Altieri, is a New Yorker from the United States, but has lived in Panama for more than 40 years; Owns two estates, both in the well-known Boquete area. One of the estates is relatively low, about 1350 meters above sea level, But the other is at an altitude of 2,000 meters, and the coffee varieties grown include Criollo, Caturra, Catuai, Catimor and Geisha. , This time Lebu coffee selected the geisha variety from the high altitude manor! Both manors were very successful under his management, Since 2013, I have been rewarded with the Best of Panama (BOP) Coffee Competition every year! In addition to the improvement of coffee quality, the coffee production technology has been continuously improved, and even the quality of life of its coffee farmers and employees has continued to improve. Panama is not bad in terms of basic conditions and wages among coffee-producing countries, but compared to coffee-consuming countries, labor conditions are still very backward. Altieri Manor wanted to improve this situation very much; the manor Eugene and his management team cited a forward-looking care plan! I hope to improve these partners who are willing to invest in farming, and the quality of life of these coffee farmers and employees has indeed improved rapidly. Now every coffee farmer and employee’s family has a separate apartment, private room, kitchen and bathroom. These facilities, which are common to us, were lacking for these coffee farmers and employees in the past. While supplying these welfare facilities, in order to avoid improper use, Eugene's management team also requires each family to sign a consent form. At the same time, the entire community is fully self-managed, and management committees are elected to manage the cleanliness of the living environment. These families even participate in weekly faith services together. There are also women who take sewing courses and sell handmade home furnishing products to increase the family's extra income. The manor not only produces high-quality coffee, it is also an excellent example of success for coffee farmers and employees. The dedication to people, quality, and land has also received very positive feedback from the manor’s award-winning records over the years! In addition to the extraordinary flavor, the quality control of the manor is also very worthy of recognition!


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