Blue dyed robes | natural plant blue dyed Japanese style band width pine long coat windbreaker neutral men and women models

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100% hemp Handmade plant blue dye Wash with water, plant dyed clothes will fade, please wash separately, do not expose to the sun, flip in the shade to dry



Blue dyed robes | natural plant blue dyed Japanese style band width pine long coat windbreaker neutral men and women models


Click on the same paragraph "黛青色"!!2666201503.jpg

Running on the green wheat field

Snow and sun rays

Poet, you are unable to repay

The taste of the wheat field and the light

a desire for kindness


Commemorative poet: Haizi




A variety of plants, multiple dyeing, coloring, there will be color spots and uneven, and quite obvious, please see the mottled effect of the above details, if you can accept the purchase. The color is unique, after multiple times of dip dyeing, drying, decolorizing, and finally became this rich and complex color that cannot be copied. Hand-dyed, can not guarantee the same for each piece, there will be color difference, please pay special attention.


product information
·100%hemp hemp
·Handmade plant blue dye
·Clean water can be washed, plant dyed clothes will fade, please wash separately, do not expose to the sun, flip in the shade to dry

· Female size: Length: 81cm Bust: 144cm Cuff: 50cm Sleeve length: 24cm Shoulder width: Slip shoulder (size is good)
· Male size: Length: 94cm Bust: 160cm Cuff: 52cm Sleeve length: 25cm Shoulder width: Slip shoulder (size is good)

For girls who like the wide version, you can also consider the men's version.!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg


I like to add gentle handwork in the rustic, remove the complicated thorn embroidery, and be practical.!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg


In the corner of the inside of the clothes, we posted the namsan brand logo.

Every detail, every expression, comes from the heart


Expressed in a low-key manner, people who understand naturally understand!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg



Also known as marijuana, native to Asia, it is one of the oldest hemp crops, and China is the country with the longest history of cannabis cultivation. Because hemp contains a variety of unique chemical components and has strong anti-insect and insect-inhibiting functions, it does not require the use of insecticides and herbicides throughout the growth process, and does not pollute the environment.

Hemp, known as the "king of natural fiber", the clothing made of it has the functions of moisture absorption, breathability, comfort, heat dissipation, mildew proof, antibacterial, anti-radiation, anti-UV, sound absorption and so on. Hemp is three times more hygroscopic than pure cotton. Hemp fabric can kill attached bacteria within 1 hour; hemp fabric can shield more than 95% of ultraviolet light.

The more the Hanma will pass through the softness, this is something I particularly like.


The grass is blowing its leaves in the wind blowing its leaves

It’s wonderful if we stand without speaking...

-Gu Cheng!!2666201503.gif

The blue dragonfly of Nanshan Caomu Dyeing Studio is a high-quality blue mud from the deep mountains of Guizhou. It is added with its own brewed rice wine to cultivate the dye liquor, which can be dyed after the fermentation is completed.

- We are committed to: using pure natural plants to color, according to the ancient method of dyeing, hand-dyed, no added chemical additives, it is normal to fall when washing.

- Hand color separation, do not mix with other clothes.

- Use a small amount of neutral detergent, gently rub without twisting and not twisting.

- Dry in a cool, ventilated place, do not expose to dryness. If ironing is required, the temperature should be controlled below 120 degrees Celsius.!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg


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