[Origami Earrings Series] Red Red Goldfish (can be changed ear clip)

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"Origami Earrings Series" Red Red Goldfish (can be changed ear clip) Childhood work paper play Create a happy memory in a pressure Is the most beautiful and simple imagination Let the childish innocence bit by bit Continue the most beautiful happ


[Origami Earrings Series] Red Red Goldfish (can be changed ear clip)


Childhood work paper play Create a happy memory in a pressure Is the most beautiful and simple imagination Let the childish innocence bit by bit Continue the most beautiful happy hour in your memories ——————————————————— ★ Respect for intellectual property rights ★ This work has been applied for creation and other related copyrights (including photos), unauthorized, imitated, produced, refurbished, resold, and other related infringement creations, the museum will be held accountable for relevant legal responsibilities, do not violate the law. (limited offer) Origami Earrings Collection Original price $369 A discount of $299 per Origami Earrings Collection! ! 😘 If you want to choose different suits to buy or have custom needs Can be in the remarks part of the checkout Tell us how to modify it. For the color part, please refer to our "Mio Japanese Cat Handmade" fan group. "Photo Album" → "Thousand and Friends Zen Paper Color Card" There are color card numbers on it! ! 😍 Example: I subscripted a pair of earrings, the color wanted to change Goldfish (ear needle) + Paper crane (ear clip) We will do it according to your needs. The color can be matched with other monochromes in this store! ! 💕 ——————————————————— "Japanese resin coating" We use Japan's special Japanese bisphenol resin to make it. Unlike nail polish, water-repellent spray or other general epoxy resin and AB glue, the fiber inside the paper is completely hardened to maintain color and brightness. It lasts for a long time, and when it is heavier in moisture, it starts to mold and break from the inside, and the overall weight is lighter. There is no strange chemical plastic taste. Metal (including ear part) The outer gold frame and the ear pin (ear hook) are made of Japanese brass gold plated material (no nickel gold). On the one hand, brass is hypoallergenic and is not easy to cause allergies and other symptoms. After wearing it for a period of time, the color will slowly change back to the darker color and brightness of the brass. It will not rust or blacken. Simple maintenance will keep the color and brightness in a beautiful state! ! "Origami earrings maintenance method" ◎ Usually you can hang up or put it in the box when you don't have to wear it. ◎ If you are wearing a headset, a mask, a helmet, etc. when wearing it outside, it is recommended to take the earrings first. ◎ After storage, it is recommended to wipe the whole earrings with a soft cloth or glasses cloth or a silver cloth to store them. It is mainly to wipe off the grease, sweat and dust that will be secreted all day long to make the earrings more beautiful and durable. Origami Earrings Precautions ◎ Each type of shape is folded out by hand. If it is slightly different after the production, it is normal. For example, the opening of the fan is slightly different. The size of the paper crane wings, butterfly wings, goldfish tails, and umbrellas may all be slightly different from the photos. It is normal. ◎ The shape of the hand-folded ones will be slightly different due to the thickness of the paper, soft and hard, but it will not affect the appearance of the wearing and appearance. ◎ The materials are all folded with Japanese Chiyoda Paper & Friends Zen Paper. After brushing the Japanese waterproof rubber, the thickness is enough to deal with the waterproof of life, such as: rain, sweating and the like. ◎ Bathing, swimming, and hot springs should be taken to avoid oxidation of the brass metal and crushing of the origami body. ◎ Because the hand-made jewelry is different from the mass production copy of the factory, we will try our best to make the color and matching method similar to the picture, and don't mind the acceptable purchase order. "Promotional Warranty" Just give us 5 friends who encourage the praise, and the parts of this series can enjoy the "unlimited" "free warranty" (except the paper itself), in case the beads are accidentally broken, the ear drops You can get it back to the site for free (the foreign city and city mail must pay for the return shipping), the detailed time can be paid attention to our fan group dynamic calendar! ! 【Product specifications】 ◎ Material: Qianheyou Zen Paper, Japanese resin, Japanese brass (no nickel)


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