Squeaky Zaza-Baby Bow Hairband-Pink Flower Rain

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Baby hair band: The bow hair band and elastic band can be detached for use. The bow can be used as a hair tress with an elastic band alone or as a hair clip with a clip. Hair bands are divided into small and medium-sized hair bands. The small ones can be worn up to about 1.5 years old, and the medium ones can be worn up to 6 or 7 years old. The color of the headband can be selected on the last one. If it is not specified, it will be matched according to the photo or randomly.



Squeaky Zaza-Baby Bow Hairband-Pink Flower Rain


Commodity description The bow is a movable type, with the middle buckle, it can be matched with the lower headband to form a set ($350) Because it is a movable type, if you have purchased a baby hairband from the Zhizhizhazha family, you can simply purchase the bow and the original hairband to change it ($200) The bow can also be used with hair bundles, as a general hair tying accessory; with a clip as a hair clip; with a hair band The hairband below can be freely matched (please note the color number after placing the order). If there is no note, match it according to the photo or match it randomly. After putting on the headband, you can hold the middle part and twist the bow, the bow will stand up, it will be more three-dimensional and cute! If you need to buy a parent-child group, please go to the link below to buy an adult https://www.pinkoi.com/product/nCnAiLrB Product Size Hair band in two sizes Small size: suitable for children around 1.5 and 2 years old Medium: suitable for children aged 2~6 (If you want to be particularly large or small, you can also inform the designer of your needs) (If there are no remarks, they will be shipped in medium size) Commodity material-cotton cloth, elastic band Precautions Due to hand-made, some errors in size are inevitable, plus or minus 1 cm is a reasonable error value, perfectionists or unacceptable, please do not place an order. Due to the different patterns and distribution positions when the fabric is cut, the finished pattern will be similar to the photo, but it cannot be exactly the same as the photo. Those who are not enough to accept it, please do not place an order. If you like the design and color of other products, you can also discuss with the designer. If the fabric is enough, you can also help customize it. The customized part does not accept unsubscription. (Different from my imagination, I seem to like the original one better, can I change to other products?...not for other reasons) If there is a spot, it can be shipped early. If there is no spot, it will take 3-5 working days to order. In order to protect the hygiene and health of each baby, except for the wrong products, no return or exchange service is provided. Please forgive me:) Cleaning method Washing advice: hand wash, dry in the shade, if you use a washing machine, please use it with a laundry bag! The computer screen has a slight deviation from the actual product color, and the actual product color shall prevail. In order to protect the hygiene and health of each baby, except for the wrong products, no return or exchange service is provided. Please forgive me::) Finally, in response to environmental protection, the outermost packaging may be delivered with clean paper bags from other stores to reduce the use of plastic bags.


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