Magnet Bamboo Charcoal Amino Acid Shampoo (500mL)

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Gentle cleansing of the scalp, fresh and fluffy hair, neutral PH value of 7.6, mild skin-friendly, neutral pH value, and regulate the health of the scalp. Imported amino acid base, gentle cleansing without damaging hair Anti-dandruff and cleansing acne: Chinese herbal herbal extracts, the root cause anti-dandruff, bid farewell to the oily scalp and long acn


Magnet Bamboo Charcoal Amino Acid Shampoo (500mL)


**Do you have the following scalp problems?** Hair loss, hair loss, low hair volume, oily, excessive dandruff, itching, dull, broken, yellow, dry, dull, bifurcated **The scalp scavenger refuses "oily crumbs"** Gentle and silicone-free, repair damaged hair, moisturize and shine, repair and nourish hair roots, remove dandruff, relieve itching, and regulate oil balance **Formulated carefully, the scalp will have good hair quality** __acid__: Strictly selected amino acid surfactants imported from Japan, gently cleanses the scalp __fine bamboo charcoal__: Small molecule bamboo charcoal powder can penetrate into hair follicles, absorb and control oil __night rose__: carefully selected floral scent, dark night rose water, with a long-lasting fragrance ____: Extract 6 Chinese herbal hair-nourishing ingredients to deeply regulate sebum secretion **Low temperature cold extract 6 major active ingredients of**Anti-dandruff nourishing, strong and supple __Tea__: Green tea polyphenols can soothe the skin, relieve greasy feeling, regulate oil secretion, and make the scalp reach oil-water balance. __multiflorum root__: Deeply nourishes the scalp and hair follicles, provides adequate nutrition, and softens hair. ____: Effectively cleanse the oil secretion of the scalp and improve the abnormal secretion of sebaceous glands. __Vitex fruit extract__: quickly penetrate deep into the hair follicle, relieve head itch, get rid of dandruff. __ultra-fine mesh charcoal__: adsorption surface dust and harmful substances scalp, hair follicles deep clean dirt, clean grease. ____: Relieves scalp pressure, refreshes and cleanses the scalp. **Amino acid base, dense and fine foam** Using a high-concentration amino acid base imported from Japan, there is an illusion that it is less prone to foaming when shampooing. That is because the foam of the amino acid machine is denser and finer, and "foaming power ≠ cleansing power" **No added guarantee, suitable for sensitive scalp** No silicone, no mineral oil, no PARBEN preservatives, no coloring, no alcohol, no fluorescent agent Can be used for general hair coloring and pregnant women **Rescue damaged hair in 28 days** 7 days infiltration: directly infiltrate the nutritional essence into the core position 14-day balance: finely penetrate hair follicles, decompose oily annual substances, no longer greasy and dry, and balance the scalp environment. 21-day lightness: Contains vitality and anti-dandruff factors, and the small molecule essence can directly penetrate the hair surface and reach the hair core, removing dandruff and relieving itching for a long time. Smooth in 28 days: I feel that the scalp is lighter, the hair is brighter, natural, strong and smooth. **effect** 1 Prevent hair loss and fix hair: Natural Chinese herbal extracts can penetrate deep into the roots, strengthen the hair, and restore healthy hair. 2 Soothes the scalp: clears away heat and reduces dampness, promotes blood circulation in the scalp, relieves scalp tension, and restores the weakly acidic PH value of the scalp. 3 Oil control and conditioning: Deep cleansing, dredge hair follicles, remove excess oil from the scalp, and regulate the balance of scalp oil. 4Nutrition hair follicles: improve the nutrient supply of hair follicles, repair hair follicles and hair strands healthily, and retain new hair. product information Product Name: Magnet Bamboo Charcoal Amino Acid Shampoo Origin: Taiwan Capacity: 500ml Shelf life: 3 years


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