Eco-color natural dyed weaving plant dyed rush woven blue dyed plant rush storage box tea set bag

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Rustic, natural and calm natural dyeing Combine the tranquility of rush weaving Exciting the beauty of rushes and the colors of nature Convey the concept of friendly environment and ecological sustainability


Eco-color natural dyed weaving plant dyed rush woven blue dyed plant rush storage box tea set bag


ECOCOLOU develops ecologically sustainable natural dyeing with a friendly mind to the environment and a good mind to nature. Using local plants in Taiwan as dyeing materials, tempering the colors that belong to Taiwan, and developing natural dyeing and weaving clothing and daily craft products with the traditional techniques of manual natural dyeing and weaving. Nature is the most fashionable colorist. The soil, minerals, plants and other different sources in nature are extracted and subjected to repeated heating and dyeing or cold dyeing soaking, and finally become the most natural natural dyeing. The most common branches and leaves, fruits, husks, flowers, seeds, bark, roots, etc. can be used to extract pigments as dyes. However, the season, time and location of the dyed materials are different, depending on the climate, freshness, handwork, and because of the pigment impurities contained in the natural dyes, the color of the dyed fabric will be different. The color of the finished product also depends on the dyeing. When cloth, the type of cloth, the density of the dyeing liquor, the mordant, the time, the temperature, the humidity and the bleaching and dyeing process will produce different chroma with different hue and tone. ECOCOLOUR limited hand-made merchandise-plant rush series Use Taiwanese fiber as creative medium Local traditional natural dyeing and weaving hand-made Rush weaving combined with a century-old traditional industry Develop apparel and daily craft supplies With natural, environmentally friendly and modern industrial dyeing and weaving Unexpressible hand-made warmth and comfort Can feel the good life in daily life Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan design handmade production Commodity type-hand-made blue dyed storage box with natural dyeing and weaving plant dyed rush Commodity material-surface layer Taiwan rush blue dyed cotton cloth The inner layer of onion skin dyed linen is covered with cotton car ornaments to increase the three-dimensional effect and protective effect Size description—18 cm in diameter and 11 cm in height (the beam mouth can be shrunk to adjust the applicable size) When the product photos are taken, the lighting and the color of the picture files will be slightly different due to the different computer screen settings. The actual product shall prevail, please forgive me. Custom service Custom-made natural dyeing and weaving are made with existing dyed fabrics and fiber threads. Working days (excluding holidays) will take 15 to 45 days. Difficulty will affect the number of working days, and longer time needs to be reserved. If you need to re-dye and weave, the working days will take 45 to 65 days. The difficulty will affect the number of working days and you need to set aside longer. Natural dyeing is all taken from natural dyeing materials, following nature, and produced in small quantities. The colors and patterns of each hand-made are slightly different. It is a warm hand made by the producer. If you feel that there are traces of imperfection, Please also let us know, please advise and understand. Tips Use Taiwan rush to woven hand crops, please do not wash with water. The texture of the rush plant fiber will give off the natural scent of rush after the sun has been exposed to the sun. At the same time, the fiber will appear fragile and break easily. Do not squeeze and fold heavy objects. If there is any stain, please wipe it gently with a soft towel dampened with water and dry it in the shade in a ventilated place. If there is mildew, do not wash it with water. Put it in the sun for 15-20 minutes, then gently wipe the mildewed area with a soft brush, and wipe it clean with a semi-dry soft towel, and place it again Let it dry in the sun for about 2 minutes before you can continue to use it. For hand crops that combine rush weaving and plant-dyed fabrics, the rush fiber treatment method is as mentioned above. Please wipe small areas of plant-dyed fabrics with a wet towel or lightly hand wash the large areas, so as not to affect the rush fibers. After daily use, use a soft towel to lightly test the dust on the top of the rush fiber and put it in the storage bag. Before long-term storage, please wipe it clean with a semi-dry soft towel. Leave it to dry in the sun for about 20-25 minutes. After confirming that the front and back sides are exposed to the sun, move to a cool place until the heat disappears. Put it in the storage bag and then put it in an airtight bag for sealed storage, which can give a separate storage space, and it is strictly forbidden to squeeze and cause items to deform or fiber break. Thank you from the bottom of my heart You can spend more time and patience, use the correct method, extend the life of clothing, cherish things, cherish limited resources, and be friendly to the environment to jointly practice the belief in ecological sustainability.


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