Need Table Bluetooth Music Table

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2020 must-have fantastic products! It's a table or a speaker, and the coffee table becomes a Walkman in seconds, NEED TABLE changes your established impression of the coffee table.


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Need Table Bluetooth Music Table

商品説明 [It's a table or a speaker, the coffee table turns into a Walkman in seconds] **360-degree surrounding high-quality sound** The Need Table Bluetooth music table contains 4 midrange speakers, 2 tweeters and 4 passive radiators. This non-directional speaker restores lifelike vocals, presents a deep bass sound, and a perfect 360-degree surround, allowing you to experience the environment. **FINX multifunctional table cloth imported from the Netherlands** Specially selected high-quality original Dutch Finx fabrics, which have seven protective effects: Block dirt, waterproof effect, anti-oil contamination, resist bacteria, prevent static electricity, anti-wrinkle, ink coffee juice can be wiped easily. **Unlimited Bluetooth transfer music without interruption** Built-in Bluetooth version 4.2, with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., The Need Table can be connected wirelessly, and the maximum transmission distance is up to 10 meters. It is easy to use when placed at will. **It's a speaker and a table** Not only is it a non-directional speaker, it is also a solid wood coffee table in a simple and modern style, which is also easy to use as a side table by the bed. The base of the table is made of rubber wood, which is resistant to wear and cracking and has good hardness. It can withstand a weight of 5 kg. **Detachable legs for easy carrying and storage** Rotating table legs can be easily removed or assembled, and it is convenient to store and carry. Whether it’s a picnic, traveling or camping, bring the Need Table Bluetooth music table to add points to your mood! **Mobile phone wireless charging** Place the mobile phone on the central charging sign of the Bluetooth music table, and wirelessly charge while playing music. While enjoying music, you can also fully charge. **Multiple expansion functions, shared by multiple people** There are two USB jacks on the side of the Bluetooth music table, which can charge two 3C devices at the same time. You can also connect TV, computer, laptop to the AUX audio input jack, A device without Bluetooth can play audio, satisfying multiple purposes at once. **12 hours of efficient endurance** Built-in 48.84Wh high-capacity battery, listening to music, charging the device, etc., 12 hours of continuous use without interruption. **Five colors, multiple styles** Nordic simple log color, modern and stable technology black, heavy metal rock black orange, extremely elegant walnut, The Need Table bluetooth music table of Fattu also satisfies the home style such as small and fresh writing style or fashionable technology upstart. **TWS wireless bluetooth series reproduces the left and right channels** According to the principle of human hearing left and right, two Need Tables can be wirelessly connected in series by pressing the power button twice. Reproduce the left and right two channels, forming stereo, enhance the audio quality and sense of depth. Place it at will, define the sound field by yourself.


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