Moisturizing facial cream 50ml│ face strengthening moisturizing without smoked eyes

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▲For face dry/rough facial skin, use facial moisturizer after washing your face and using moisturizing gel. ▲The texture is meticulous and the ductility is high. It can be used to strengthen the moisture around the eyes or fine lines. ▲It does not contain



Moisturizing facial cream 50ml│ face strengthening moisturizing without smoked eyes

商品説明 Moisturizing ‧ Moisturizing double nourishing, making rough skin moisturized and bright The stratum corneum on the surface of the skin is damaged more seriously, and the skin may be peeled off or cracked. The skin cannot be effectively protected from water, and even if it is moisturized, the effect is difficult to be remarkable. Moisturizing facial lotion uses moisturizing and activating properties to focus on essential oils and essential oils. A moderate moisturizing factor that gives the skin a refreshing texture with seaweed and arboreal extracts. With shea butter, which is suitable for the skin and has a moisturizing effect, Helps dry and rough skin to improve skin damage and nourish the skin, just like giving the skin an even layer of protection. ■Key ingredients: Soothing - lemon balm and chamomile extract, soothing and calming properties, soothing and stabilizing skin. Moisturizing - seaweed, arboreal extract, providing water-based vegetable protein, is a good moisturizing ingredient for the skin. Moisturizing - Shea butter, containing triterpene alcohol, allantoin, oleic acid, linoleic acid and other ingredients, to give the skin proper moisturizing and softening. Conditioning - Elan, rose grass essential oil, with multi-functional conditioning properties to improve dryness and activate skin. ■Usage: A variety of plant liquids and essential oils for repairing and moisturizing properties, which give the skin a proper moisturizing degree. Because it can stay for a long time, it is an important maintenance and moisturizing procedure in maintenance. ■ Smell: Light herbal odor. ■ Texture state: light yellow and watery emulsion. ■Using touch: Fine water lotion, high water retention and ductility, a small amount can completely moisturize the skin, absorb moisture and moisturize instantly, and the tension is immediately relieved. ■Instructions: After the face is cleaned and after using the conditioning gel, apply a proper amount to the fingertips and gently massage the skin until it is completely absorbed. If the moisturizing degree is too high, the dosage can be reduced. (*Applicable around the eyes.) ■All ingredients: lemon balm extract, chamomile extract, magnolia extract, seaweed extract, locust extract, carrot oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, aloe vera gel, ylang essential oil, rose grass oil , olive kernel emulsifying wax. Melissa Hydrosol, Chamomile Extract, Magnolol Extract, Seaweed Extract HG 30%, Soybean Proteins, Beta Carrot Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Refined Shea Nut Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Ylang Ylang Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Natural Emulsifying Olive Wax. ■Capacity: 50ml ■ Note: 1. For external use, if you accidentally flow into your eyes, rinse with plenty of water. 2. Made of natural materials, the smell and state will be different due to different seasons. It is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the quality. Please use it with ease. 3. Preservation period: three years, please use it within six months after opening.


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