E-04 Frame Mirror - Classic Oval

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E-04 Frame Mirror - Classic Oval Since ancient times, the oval has been used in many works of art. It is full of revolut



E-04 Frame Mirror - Classic Oval


Fly bamboo's original heart, intentional empathy - new "type" listing Brand New Style. We've trying our best to serve you. After pushing and falling, are you bothered? I believe many of my friends have this unpleasant experience. Because you wear glasses that are not suitable for your own head shape. Wearing glasses on the face for more than two-thirds of the day 24 hours a day is by no means a heavy and annoying burden. Using the combination of bamboo and thin steel elements – hard and soft, Dynabe is tailored to provide you with elastic, durable, lightweight, fit and non-infective glasses. The combination of thin steel and bamboo, both scientific and technological humanities Joint re-evolution, stability and style High-quality bamboo, carefully selected only for the best Bamboo's lightness, toughness, and oil-sweat qualities are one of the main factors in the creation of flying bamboo glasses. After repeated testing of bamboo species, Feizhu finally used bamboo stems and nose pads from Miaozhu (Mrqwang) of Xinzhu. Bamboo's lightness, toughness, and oil-sweat qualities are one of the main factors in the creation of flying bamboo glasses. Growing at high altitude and low temperature, plus the position of the leeward side, the bamboos here are straight and thick and the density is high; while the fly bamboos are selected from the 3-5 year old bamboo, its quality is not only higher than that of bamboo, but also Great toughness and flexibility. The bamboo that was cut down was cleaned and immediately subjected to high-temperature carbonization. After high-temperature carbonization, bamboo reduces moisture and becomes lighter, which also solves the shortcomings of natural bamboo that are prone to mildew. The property of bamboo oil absorption reduces the number of cases where the skin slides off when the glasses are worn, and it is more comfortable and stable when worn. 1. Craftsmanship, MADE IN TAIWAN! From the selection of highland tribe bamboo, the color and pattern of each one are different. The same section of bamboo is selected to match the texture and color, and it is cut and ground by the hands of the staff. A spectacles takes about seven days to make time, so that each pair of glasses is unique in the world. 2. Glasses do not slide off, bamboo nose pads are the key! The biggest reason why glasses fall is sweat. Bamboo nose pads absorb sweat and naturally evaporate through body temperature. 3. Featherweight! About half of bamboo fiber contains air. Compared with the general frame material, About half the weight of light, the most important is the breathability of bamboo fiber. 4. Unique treatment of bamboo, durability - OK! Bamboo skin is relatively hard and elastic. Bamboo fly glasses are mainly bamboo skins. Bamboo fiber has the highest density, after carbonization, it is not afraid of moisture and insects. Through actual loading for three years, bamboo characteristics can also be maintained. It can also restore gloss through maintenance. 5 Particularly suitable for sensitive physical wear! The surface has not been treated with any stain, and the skin is in direct contact with natural bamboo. Those who are allergic to metal or who wear red skin will have reddening, especially recommended natural materials. The color of bamboo will slowly change over time, leaving behind a record of growth. It's like keeping a pot. 6. The best spectacle material! When the thickness of the temples is 2mm, bamboo can exhibit the best elasticity, and then through the high-temperature shaping camber, tailored to each individual's three radian construction method, with the unique shape of the end of the temples to make it coatable Even better, wearing a long time can match with your own face shape, no longer need to push the frame. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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