Ortigia - Florio - Early Spring Floral Bath & Shower + Home Fragrances + Hand Moisturizing Classic 4-Pack (Soft Floral) *** Original Original Gift Bag / Orange (Large)

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Ortigia - Florio - Early Spring Floral Bath & Shower + Home Fragrances + Hand Moisturizing Classic 4-Pack (Soft Floral) *** Original Original Gift Bag / Orange (Large)


*/ Product Description /* Brand: Ortigia Brand Country: Italy Fragrance: Narcissus, passionflower, iris Capacity: 4 pieces Origin: Italy Save method: Please store in a cool place to avoid deterioration of the sun Precautions: 1. Fa Yi furniture for the original formal authorization of foreign manufacturers in Taiwan, the dealer, the goods are shipped when the original packaging delivery. 2.Product picture due to the relationship between the color of the film a slight deviation, please color the actual product. 3 products are imported from Italy, the new packaging is a consumable. If you receive the goods within 7 days to return, do not unpack (including the product itself, inside and outside packaging). To take into account the health and safety and product quality, after the goods will be unpackaged returned. Classic Gift Set x4 pieces: 1 pure liquid glycerine shower gel / pure liquid glycerin shower gel 200ml 1 scented cone candle / conical mini scent candle 70g (burning time about 15-20 hours) 1 olive oil soap / olive oil soap 40g 1 olive & lanolin hand cream / rich in olive oil & sheep oil hand cream 75ml Origin / manufacturing methods Italy */ Designers and brand introduction /* From Italy Sicily passionate fragrance brand Ortigia - Osage, from the wild passion of the Mediterranean island of Sicilia fragrance brand. The Ortigia brand was inspired by Ortigia, a small city in southern Sicily in southern Italy. Ortigia is one of the largest, oldest and most diverse islands in the Mediterranean. Close to the tropical climate of Ortigia, the islands are rich in wild flowers, fruits and passionate colors, combining the classic history and culture with Ortigia's main brand identity. Ortigia, headquartered in Florence, Italy, was founded in 2006 by Sue Townsend (a former co-founder of Crabstone) and produces a range of luxurious, natural bathing cleanser & body care products and fragrance products. Under the name of quality production, Lorenzo Villoresi, the award-winning Italian perfumer, has tailor-made a range of delicate fragrances for the Ortigia brand. Ortigia is the designated bathing and cleaning brand for many exquisite hotels and five-star hotels in the area. Ortigia adheres to pure natural ingredients such as olive oil, palm oil, almond oil, lanolin and the like. Traditional plant spices such as cactus, eucalyptus and crocus, natural tropical fruit floral notes such as lemon and grapefruit. In product packaging, designers and brand-name creators Sue Townsend use the Mediterranean and tropical wild colors, Ortigia presents the most passionate aesthetics of Sicily, but also to the nature of a humble Respect. Beautiful packaging and bold use of wild colors also become Ortigia brand features. Ortigia products are inspired by the texture and aroma of the warm Sicilian Mediterranean region. All products are made in large quantities with natural flavors, natural ingredients, preservative-free, chemical-free and animal-free.


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