[DOZI leather hand made] woven lanyard with mobile phone case

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[DOZI leather hand made] woven lanyard with mobile phone case



[DOZI leather hand made] woven lanyard with mobile phone case


[Color] black, coke tea, light tea, dark blue, dark green, deep red [Size] tailored to the size of the phone [Leather] Italy Capital Whole plant yak leather [Metal] plated bronze four-button, bronzed hook [System] will be sent out about 15-20 working days (depending on the order quantity) https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/D1%20%281%29.JPG https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/D1%20%282%29.JPG https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/D1%20%283%29.JPG https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/D1%20%284%29.JPG https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/D1%20%285%29.JPG https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/D1%20%286%29.JPG https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/D1%20%287%29.JPG https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/a/TOP01.jpg https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/a/TOP02.jpg https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/a/A01.jpg https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/a/B01.jpg https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/a/B02.jpg https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/a/C01.jpg https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/a/D01.jpg https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/a/E01.jpg https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/a/F01.jpg https://www.dozi.com.tw/images/a/G01.jpg [brand core] DOZI leather hand made studio, A design team made up of a group of leather lovers who love to make a hand Adhering to the production of aesthetically pleasing, practical, durable leather goods From carefully imported leather, dyeing to assembly sewing, Keep the original look of leather and make it by yourself I hope that the hand-made leather can be a good partner for you for a long time. [natural leather that will breathe] In order to make the product natural and environmentally friendly and durable, DOZI studios mostly use "tank leather". Only a few linings use sheepskin, pigskin or chrome tanned leather. Natural vegetable tanned leather will produce color changes due to different sun exposure and habits, but it will not affect the use. Instead, there are traces of texture left by the years. In order to present the natural appearance of vegetable tanned leather, it will not undergo too much processing. On the leather, there will be cow growth, melanin spots, crusting, blood vessel lines... This is a natural expression of leather, and it is also a unique feature. [Leather maintenance] After the cowhide is removed from the cow, it will no longer secrete grease protection, so it depends on future maintenance. In order to maintain the toughness, elasticity and color of the leather. Daily leather maintenance methods: 1. Always use leather, it is the best maintenance 2. Try to avoid placing the leather in a humid environment. If it is wet during use, please wipe it with a dry cloth immediately. After drying, you can apply leather maintenance oil to increase surface protection and prevent mold. 3. If the leather is not used for a period of time, it is recommended to wipe the surface with a dry cloth before storing. And after applying the leather maintenance oil, let it stand for one hour before putting it into the dust bag. If the bag is larger, It is recommended to put the newspaper in the clean paper bag and then put it in the package, except to avoid the oil stain on the newspaper. It can also keep the bag stiffness and finally store it in a dry and ventilated place. [after sales service] 1. If the remittance is confirmed after the order is placed, it will be made according to the order of the order, because they are all made by hand. It takes about 20-30 working days (excluding holidays). 2. The product warranty period can be returned to the market for repair and maintenance within one year from the date of purchase. 3. Natural leather products are handmade, and there will be some shades, lines and scars. As long as after engraving and laser engraving, you will not be accepted for return unless you make a mistake! [teaching plan] Delivering warmth through both hands, DOZI Leather Studio launches a hand-crafted course. Friends who like our work can make an appointment for class! Please refer to the following process: Step 1: Select a course project Step 2: Send a letter, call to schedule the class date, and inform the color to register directly. Step 3: After paying the fee, there is no need to bring any tools on the day, no experience. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- 【※Precautions】 1, adopting reservation system 2, must first pay 3. Follow-up free lettering (English, digital only)


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