Sweet confidence :: Morgan Natural Stone - 925 sterling silver accessories / elegant superior / birthday gift / bracelet bracelet gift custom designs

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Sweet confidence :: Morgan Natural Stone - 925 sterling silver accessories / elegant superior / birthday gift / bracelet bracelet gift custom designs


MINE HAND :: :: tipsy The unique design / beaded bracelet / Handmade Limited - The amount of a hand Wai / Δ Please place around the finest wrist with tape or thread, Without reserve or around the tight space, gently paste can be measured (cm) Δ designer when productions plus wide 1-1.5cm, more comfortable to wear them Δ (Customized) Other sizes please fill in the remarks column - Material / Ore size: Morgan stone 8mm Accessories Material: 925 sterling silver (Attached) folder chain bag envelope x1 x1 design models convenient for collection. / Morgan Stone Morganite One kind of girl shining light colored gemstones, fine color due to the presence of trace elements manganese, like a candy-like colors and textures, soft colors fascinated people, is considered the treatment of high state of love more stone, meaning the energy of love, awakens the heart and passion of tenderness, love to give courage and confidence, so grasp happiness. It is also possible to relax tense mood, relieve irritable mood to help improve relationships, to bring the wearer peace of mind effect. /// Precautions/// . Ore every single lines are different, there will be some flaws, Xu Bing, grain, mine eyes are its characteristics. . The production will try to pick good products compared, if they can accept the natural stone is not 100% perfect, please buy. . Photo merchandise are likely to be light or computer screen to resolve some differences in color · Oxidation of alloy, please use when you do not wear a soft cloth into the folder chain bag extended wearing time Avoid wearing jewelry or Zhongshuai do heavy work, easy to scratch the surface damage • Do not take a bath, play in the water, hot springs, reduce oxidation • Do not contact with perfume, vinegar, and other chemicals, to avoid the occurrence of erosion * Sterling silver jewelry with a silver polishing cloth (silver polishing cloth do not wash), alloy jewelry then wipe with a soft cloth · Goods are handmade, not create completely identical Operate and maintain /// /// 1. Swarovski crystal beads (Swarovs) features: scratch-resistant, anti-sweat, UV, perfume, unleaded 2. natural stone to more purification, in order to maintain the energy utility 3. Remove the recommendations before splashing or bathing, prolonged exposure to fear that they will fade oxide 4. If the natural oxidation darken brass, copper or available silver polishing cloth to wipe clean the oil that restore some luster 5. The bracelet will vary for each staff around different, depending on the length will be the presentation of fine-tuning /// Service /// Δ are all custom goods, in addition to defective goods, but no refund / replacement of service To modify Δ received design product size, need to pay postage and production costs Δ have any questions, please leave a message asking Yo :) /// Beautiful handmade works worth bracelet as a gift /// Birthday gift, anniversary gift, couple of chains, graduation gift, exchange gifts Tipsy design studio_ skate design studio Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan / handmade