Yuanqi Bamboo Pipette has a baby group

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"The weakest straw on the surface" Standard 21cm x2 Household 15cm x2 Baby 12cm x2 Wool pipette brush x1 Accom



yuantai ショップへ

Yuanqi Bamboo Pipette has a baby group


**Yuantai Bamboo Art Society**
Yuantai Bamboo Arts Co., Ltd., located in Zhushan Town, Nantou, developed a vitality bamboo toothbrush before the factory collapsed. In the past two years, it has been successfully transformed by many friends in Taiwan and around the world. Now we must solemnly launch the “anti-disposal petrochemical products”. The second bomb - the vitality bamboo straw
**Yuanqi bamboo straw**
According to the data of the Plastics Industry Technology Development Center of the consortium, at present, Taiwan uses 3 billion plastic straws per year. With an 18cm straw, it can circulate 13.5 laps around the earth. This is just Taiwan... watching the soil grow out. 100% decomposable straw, after two years of testing and material search, accumulated tens of thousands of experience, only this bamboo straw.
**Production process**
High temperature carbonization, hand cutting, sanding, and removing bamboo film.
Children's straw / 12cm, household straw / 15cm, standard straw / 21cm, Boba straw / 21cm (inner diameter: 10mm or more), special straw / 25cm, wool straw brush / 21cm, accompanying embryo cover.

**Use Q&A**

**Q: How to clean the bamboo straw?**

A: It is recommended to clean immediately after use. For example, drinking coffee and heavy-duty drinks, or beverages containing dairy products, it is recommended to clean with a straw brush before washing.

**Q: How to keep it dry?**

A: Generally, just place it in a ventilated place and let the straw dry naturally.

**Q: Can the bamboo straw be placed in the washing and drying machine?**

A: Yes, only after the washing and drying process is finished, there is no water or moisture in the place where it is taken out to avoid mold. It can also be sterilized by boiling water.

**Q: Does the bamboo straw absorb the taste?**

A: In fact, only need to use a brush to rinse with water a few times, the taste will fade.

**Q: Will the bamboo straw be moldy?**

A: The bamboo straw has a bamboo shell inside, so it is not easy to mold in the wall. However, because the capillary is exposed at both ends of the slit, it is easy to have moisture adsorption. It is not easy to mold when used frequently. Once the mold is found, only a knife is needed. The mold or sandpaper is ground to the moldy part, and the hot water can be used continuously after being boiled and disinfected.

**Q: Do you have to use a straw to drink?**

A: Not necessarily. The vitality bamboo straw is not to encourage people who do not use a straw to start using a straw, but to provide a person who wants to use a straw or a straw to solve some troublesome people, or even a person who wants to enjoy the joy of hand-shake and drink. The choice of disposable plastic straws. We met some friends who are worried about the earth and urged everyone not to use straws, but for Yuantai Bamboo Art, this is like the different cultures of dining, some with hands, some with knives and forks, and some with chopsticks. It's all a choice in life; it's just that nowadays disposable plastic products are not very good for the earth and for themselves, so we invite you to consider using the perpetual circulation of the vitality bamboo straw!


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