Zipper purse card holder pink orange macaron green

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  • この商品は「受注制作」です。お支払いが確認できてから、制作を開始しますので、ショップの休日を除く 5 日後に発送予定です。
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Pinkoi限定商品, オーダーメイド可能な商品
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Color / 1. Orange + natural leather 2. Macaron green + natural leather At present, the macaron green is in stock, and the orange color has to wait for 1-5 working days without holidays.


Zipper purse card holder pink orange macaron green


**. Product specifications.**
Goods / Handmade Leather Coin Purse / Card Holder / Pink Orange
Material / cowhide (tank leather)
Size / width 12.2cm, height 8.5cm, thickness 0.4cm
Weight / 42g / piece
Color / 1. Orange + natural leather 2. Macaron green + natural leather

**. Custom goods.**
1. The number of working days of handmade products will be more than the number of days of mass production. Please wait patiently for each buyer!!
It takes an average of 4-8 working days (excluding holidays), and it takes 10-20 working days (excluding holidays) in case of material shortage.
2. The English word printing service is provided free of charge, and the subscript is later notified to print the text content.
Lettering size, uppercase 2mm / 3mm, lowercase 2mm, number 3mm, font can not be selected, please forgive me.
Buyers are required to complete the subscript and remittance before they can print. They cannot be changed due to printing.
The product will not be accepted for enrollment.

**. Vegetable tanned leather knowledge.**
Since ancient times, the use of tannins in plants, plant polyphenols, and other polyphenolic compounds that can turn raw hides into leather have been made from plant tanning agents. The vegetable tanned leather is not in contact with the skin and is not harmful to the human body, but a green leather.

**. Designer and brand profile.**
Each item is a child made by the designer. It is handmade, designed, made and produced.
Pure hand-made expression is a sincere heart, the relationship between people and sincerity is the most expensive gift.
The designer takes the consumer's mentality as the starting point. If you don't want to receive the goods, the finished product and the photo will be different, and each detail will be discussed with you. Do everything with your heart, just for your liking and satisfaction.

**. Precautions.**
1. Please confirm the contents of the product before placing the order. Since all of them are original products, they do not accept other reasons for returning.
2. Each piece of leather is a natural animal grain, can not avoid the surface of the leather, is perfect, if there are scars, plaques, spots, are natural, the designer does not deliberately avoid these scars, please order before placing an order The consideration is clear.
3. The inner part of the leather is a natural fiber matte surface, occasionally showing cracks and hair loss as a natural phenomenon.
4. The leather color is treated by hand dyeing. The condition of each piece of leather is different, the degree of color is different, and the inherent color inequality is normal.
5. The color of the product map will be different for each computer screen display, with the actual product color as the standard.
6. In case of shortage of hardware, it will be replaced by similar style without notice.
7. The products are taken in real products, and the quality of the products will vary according to individual aesthetic differences.

**. If you want to change this item, the idea of parts, size, color, etc. is welcome to discuss with me. .**Not afraid of asking, I am afraid you are not asking!!
**Origin / manufacturing methods**
Taiwan handmade


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マレーシアUS$ 8.53US$ 0.69
中国US$ 10.23US$ 0.69
日本US$ 15.35US$ 1.03
韓国US$ 10.23US$ 1.03
香港US$ 6.14US$ 0.69
その他の国・地域US$ 13.64US$ 1.71
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