Dessert Candles - Blueberry Mousse - 120ml Blueberry Mousse - Natural Essential Oil Soy Candles

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The design is inspired by the desire of girls to eat desserts, many of which are caused by low mood or fatigue. When the mind needs to be comforted, put a cup of 100% natural soybean oil candles, not only cute, but also essential oils to relax. Nerve and r


Dessert Candles - Blueberry Mousse - 120ml Blueberry Mousse - Natural Essential Oil Soy Candles


[Blueberry Mousse Blueberry Mousse 120ml] 100% Soy Wax + Essential Oil Lavender, marjoram, tea tree ------------------------------------ Blueberry Mousse with calming mood and soothing stress can warm the emotions, resist insomnia when it is sad and lonely, and relieve discomfort when it comes to menstruation. ------------------------------------ Ingredients: natural soy wax, pure essential oil Specifications: 120 ml / 4 oz. Burning time: 30 hrs Essential oil origin: France, Spain, Australia ------------------------------------ In ancient Egypt, three thousand years before BC, the world’s first candle appeared. Play an important lighting role in human life until Edison invents the light bulb. - Natural plant fragrances add creativity to meet the imagination. Give the candle more heavy sensory enjoyment, Treats vision, smell and mind like a dessert. Retrieving the purest temperature by the designer's hand, Remind us that, Forgotten beautiful nature. - Let use the candle, Be a happy thing. --------------------------------------- **What is the difference between a candle and a scented candle?** Most of the commercially available scented candles are made of paraffin and artificial flavors. Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum. There are many brands that advertise the soy + essential oil candles. In order to be able to be used for a long time, it is usually mixed with essential oils and essences. The fragrance has been smelling for a long time. It is harmful to the nervous system of the human body. The essential oil candle is made only from "essential oil" and "soybean wax". These two ingredients are derived from natural plant extracts, which will not cause harm to the human body and will not cause environmental damage. burden. **Why buy CANDLE SWEET essential oil candles?** Our raw materials are very simple and open, 100% Soywax & Essential Oil, the color part is the use of natural toner (made with plants, such as carrot powder, red glutinous rice powder, turmeric powder, bamboo charcoal powder and comfrey root powder are all natural colors) Powder, not as bright as artificial colors). Although these insistences have greatly increased the difficulty of production, we are willing to study and spend time to overcome, in order to bring you the most authentic and natural sensory experience. In order to give back to friends who like our dessert candles, From now on, as long as you buy any candle in the design hall, you can buy a box of matches at a discounted price of 60NTD! Buy two candles, you can buy two more boxes! And so on. I want to buy a match → ★ Another limited amount [value-for-money combination - 120ml large cup of essential oil candle + canned 10 cm elegant long match] → Price 1,080 NTD (original price 1,210 NTD) ------------------------------------ Whisper to everyone: Commercially available scented candles are manufactured in large quantities, and in order to be able to be placed for a long time, artificial flavors must be added to make the taste stronger and longer lasting. We insist on using pure natural oil candles, with special emphasis on freshness. The products are hand-made one by one after the order is placed. The best taste period is within three months after opening, so that every user can feel the most. A healthy and natural pleasure experience. ------------------------------------ * Not open for two years. Made of pure natural raw materials, the recommended period of use after opening is 3 months. ------------------------------------ CANDLE SWEET continues the ancient tradition of improving quality and raw materials, using 100% pure soy wax + natural essential oils to provide a sweet, elegant, warm and relaxing feeling of happiness. The designer's careful coloring and shaping, the process of hand-made is not easy, but whenever you see the final result, the customer is very satisfied, it is our source of power, as "continuous pursuit of progress, let customers get sensory and spiritual Pleasure is the first goal. -------------------- In order to bring you a natural sense of smell and visual experience, in 2015, CANDLE SWEET dessert styling essential oil candles were born. In order to make it easier for everyone to use essential oil candles, in 2016, a series of 10 cm long matches were launched, which is widely loved by everyone. 💡 In 2017, in order to provide you with a more special and more fun hand-made experience, the Natural Soy Candle DIY KIT kit was officially launched! It is more meaningful and fun, more fulfilling, and closer to the original intention of CANDLE SWEET than to follow the footsteps of others. 2019, I wish you all cherish what you have and enjoy the moment. --------------- Origin / manufacturing methods Making Hand Made with Love in Taiwan **Shipping Precautions: Select the post office registration for the convenience bag (shipping 65NTD). If you want to specify the use of carton or post office, please inform in advance, you need to make up the difference, thank you.**


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