Cross hair band - fine elastic - Taiwanese characteristics

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@Finish size about: 5 cm wide. General size (applicable to adults head circumference 53~56 cm) - small kite head circumference 55.5 cm Extended size (applicable to adult head circumference 56.5~58 cm) *Girl adult average: 54 cm (for reference)



Cross hair band - fine elastic - Taiwanese characteristics


▲ ▲ cross hair band - fine version of the elastic - Taiwan characteristics ▲ ▲ @台制布. Go out simple and stylish. Durable. It is normal to start with the slightest tightening! The cloth is medium thick. @It is also very interesting for foreigners. Taiwanese specialties/locations/commodities. There are also English introductions. White English words will be more obvious. Blue English words are black. @Everything is handmade. The position of the cloth pattern will be slightly different when you cut it! (But it is the same batch of fabric) **(If you can't have a package at home all day long. Highly recommended: choose the whole family store to the store. Code payment)* **(posted by post office. Unable to select date/time slot - depending on post office route)* @长发/Short hair / Baotou are available. @清洗方式: Hand wash is good. Or put it in a laundry bag. @Finish size about: 5 cm wide. General size (applicable to adults head circumference 53~56 cm) - small kite head circumference 55.5 cm Extended size (applicable to adult head circumference 56.5~58 cm) *Be long, please be sure to confirm. Because there are fewer people around the head. Can not be returned after ordering. Can not be returned. Can not be returned. Please be careful to buy. *The actual head circumference method: such as the position worn by the photo. Around the top of the head, use a tape measure/line. Spread the centimeters. *Girl adult average: 54 cm (for reference) @头围的量法: As the photo is worn, the front of the head. ▲ ▲ high standard perfectionists do not place orders. Small kite products are 100% hand-made It is inevitable that the goods will be traced by hand. This is the hand made non-factory manufacturing. Does not affect the wearing and appearance. The perfectionist trouble leaves the hand creator a way of life. (Please do not place an order - please. Please, please. In the future, the two sides are not happy) I highly recommend you: you can buy from high-end department stores. @Before ordering - If you have any questions, please click on the contact designer to ask! Thank you!! @The same reply order problem: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. @Computer color will have some error. The goods are subject to the actual product. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ▲ ▲ shipping (posted by post): *Saturday. Most post offices are closed on Sundays - small kites Saturday. Sundays are not able to send merchandise. *General packet registration - post office -**((cannot specify time delivery))**. *Package will be received approximately 2-4 days after delivery - subject to the post office conditions - please note 喔. * When the post office delivers - if no one receives the parcel - ask the buyer to bring the identity card and seal to the post office to collect the parcel. * If you are not at home or inconvenient parcels are sent to your home - small kites will advise buyers to choose the whole family to buy (shop to shop to pick up). ▲ ▲ shipping (family super business - store to shop): *Approximately 2 days after the mailing will go to the designated super business. (Does not include - the business is not open 24 hours - the waiting time will be longer) * There will be a pickup notification message - please ask the buyer (I) to bring your ID card and inform the Super Store staff of your name. Please be sure to pick up the item within 6 days. *If the parcel has not been picked up due to the passage of time, the Super Chamber will return the merchandise to the kite. The buyer wants to "pay" the second time for 60 yuan. (If you want to go abroad or travel and other factors - just miss the time to pick up the goods for 6 days. Please leave a message to inform the kite - will delay the delivery of the goods) ▲ shop to the store to pick up the goods - means that the payment has been made - then go to the supermarket to pick up the goods) **((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((** ▲ ▲ purchase platform for a number of designers set shipping: sent to Hong Kong. Macau. China. Please select the Pinkoi International Transfer Center (do not choose to mail. Mailing refers to Taiwan Island) manual: -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ▲ ▲ origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan MIT / small kite handmade ▲ ▲ delay in receiving parcels most often: 1. Family / management room building / neighbor has been signed on behalf of. 2. School. Hospital. Large enterprise unit. The mailroom has been stamped and the parcel is placed in the letter warehouse. 3. Remote mountainous area. Taitung. Wuhu. Mazu. Jinmen. (Need to wait 4-6 more days) (Little kites are more worried than you are that the package didn't let you receive it) ▲▲ After receiving the goods: If the goods are in the wrong color, the goods in the transportation process are seriously damaged. Please inform the kite. You will find a way to deal with it. If you don't have any communication, you will directly give a negative comment. The kite will cry (;_;)


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