Fengshou Style B ~ Metalworking Hairpin (Inlaid Agate) / Qingye Hand-made Poetry Original European Style Hairpin Series Single Product

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The egg noodles are decorated with large ornaments, like the rich fruits under the shadows and leaves, which make people salivate, and follow the most beautiful curve of the neck, swaying the posture, letting you be full of sleek and confident hairpins, from ~ Qing Metallurgy Handicraft Poems original European style hairpin series of handicraft poems! 2020 C


Fengshou Style B ~ Metalworking Hairpin (Inlaid Agate) / Qingye Hand-made Poetry Original European Style Hairpin Series Single Product


Harvest B ~ Handmade metalwork hairpin, Matched with large agate egg noodles and half treasure time bezel design, It seems that the golden sun shines on the rich fruits hidden under the leaves, which makes people salivate. With the hair curled up, the most beautiful curve of the neck, swaying! Change! Let you have many styles, Good starts today. Material: Silver/Brass/Agate Size: Hairpin head about 30X32.6X10mm The overall length is about 155mm The quality of this decoration can be specially dyed black and antique. (Afterwards, you can use the silver cloth to polish it as you like, but if you want to keep the black part, try not to polish it.) It is a designer model that is worth collecting in the sale of works. "Fengshou B" comes with an exquisite handmade packing box (with a guarantee card) , It is convenient to give gifts for personal use, and a silver cloth and a zipper bag are also included! Handicraft Poems series of handicraft poems are all created by the studio And sell it in small quantities on the Internet platform by itself, Therefore, at the most affordable price, we provide customers with value-for-money design works. I also hope to find friends who like hand-written poems, and continue to support and encourage us! Origin / manufacturing method Original hand-made by Tainan, Taiwan/Green Metallurgical Workers The Harvest series hairpin is the latest design work in 2020, and will be regularly put on the shelves afterwards, but because the natural chalcedony gloss texture is different, we position this product as a handmade item, and the photo is the shipped product (re-made, (Photos will be uploaded again), so after the order is confirmed, it will be shipped the next day. If you have any questions about the goods, you are welcome to come to the store or call (or private message) to discuss! [Intimate reminder] *When wearing, still avoid contact with sea water and hot springs, which will make the product black due to chemical effects. *Silver jewelry will slowly grow in the air, please put it in a zipper bag when not wearing it. *For this silver jewelry, it is recommended to use a silver wiping cloth instead of silver washing water (so as not to lose the effect of the blackened part). *The best way to maintain silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because the oil produced by the skin can isolate the silver jewelry from the air and keep it natural and moisturizing. *Those who are allergic to sterling silver jewellery products, please make your own purchase. 【Store Notice】 *The color of the product image file will be slightly different due to the difference in computer screen settings. The actual product color shall prevail, please forgive me. *Every hand-made item will be slightly different, it is impossible to be 100% identical! *If you receive a new product with defects (the photo on the Internet is the complete product), please contact us within 2 days of receipt, And send it back with the original packaging within 5 days, we will replace you with a new product as soon as possible. *We will not accept handmade items (photo items are the items sold) or customized items Subject to the return and exchange service (if there are personal requirements printed, or products that must be tailored to personal size) Unless the product is not made in accordance with the requirements of the individual's previous agreement, please pay for the round-trip shipping fee for other reasons. *This website has the right to accept orders or not. (In case of credit card fraud and fraud) *The series of products on this website have been applied for new style patents, and the styles and products requested by related topics Style totems, etc., counterfeiting and forgery are strictly prohibited.


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