Sunny organic ginger black bean powder | no added sugar | Hualian Shoufeng

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Sunny organic ginger black bean powder | no added sugar | Hualian Shoufeng


☆ No chemical addition ☆ black beans raw materials completely artificial sun ☆ organic Tainan three green beans black beans / Product Description / Hualien Shoufeng's Rift Valley Plain, the inhabitants continued for a century since the immigration reclamation, the valley of the water and the air, is the gift to the farmers. In the lush beauty of the Hualien River Valley, pure green farm Mr. Xiao and Xiao Tai years ago accidentally came from the Taoyuan Shoufeng, came to the foot of the mountain mountain at the foot of the land, decided to stay farming, and again showing more than half a century Shoufeng disappeared in the black beans and soybeans planted. Pure green farm red beans, green beans, black beans and soybeans series of crops are organic way of planting, non-toxic and friendly field operations, coupled with sun drying and multi-layer screening of the systematic treatment, so that beans can be better presented to consumers, So that consumption of flavor and mellow and healthy. Variety of choice is to show the local species of beans to cherish, and to avoid the health problems of the base reform so that consumers feel at ease. / Edible method / Cup by adding 30 grams of organic black bean powder, To 300c.c. hot water direct brewing (concentration can be increased or decreased according to personal preferences) Can join other grains together to drink, flavor better! /specification/ ◆ Commodity Ingredients: Organic Tainan No.3 Green Noodles ◆ Product specifications: 300 grams ◆ Shelf life: one year (unopened) ◆ Effective date is marked on the package ◆ farm location: Taiwan Hualien Shoufeng ◆ After opening, please put it in a cool dry place or refrigerator △ Hong Kong friends little reminder △ Hong Kong will receive a HK $ 30 surcharge if it is a non-business address or a remote location. △ Packing small reminder △ For environmental protection, we hope not to cause excessive packaging, delivery may be used when the clean second-hand carton. If you want to add a gift bag with a card Oh /brand introduction/ Early: land and people's first good :: Throughout the morning, combined with Taiwan's producers, through the people, crops, land and natural relations more attention, so that good products have a good place to allow consumers to close to good agricultural products. Land and people, are returned to the initial good. Expecting better rural and land-based producers and consumers to embrace more value. Facebook fan page: through early IG: taocha_ Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan


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