Misstache N.3 Miss Beard No. 3 Brass Necklace Brass Necklace

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For those who are unwilling to give up their personality and dreams: Miss Beard No. 3 - Ghostly Ghost



Misstache N.3 Miss Beard No. 3 Brass Necklace Brass Necklace


Miss Beard - Brass Series Like sharp rounded corners, like serrated lace, echoing the common traits of men and women, even if you are over the mountains, you are not willing to give up your personality and dreams. You don't have to give up the edges and corners when you choose gentleness, never because of The innate beauty and elegance loses any tough ability. Misstache You are literally a spectacular man without a mustache, a Misstache. Use it's shape of design to emphasize the mixture of serrated knife and dress's laces. For indicating the present personality of Metrofemale and the fuzzy boundary of the gender. Handmade Jewelry, Silver / Brass Gentle round lace x hard and straight metal on the clothing with a strong feminine lace, simplifying every point on the body, but also point out the hard soul of every inch of your body. The seemingly rounded lace collides with the metal characteristics, stimulating the seeds of fashion, and also explores the modern women, with a feminine and subtle personality under the soft appearance. Metropolitan Women's Series: Gives you the unwillingness to give up your personality and dreams "You don't have to give up the edges when you choose gentleness. You never lose any hard temper because of the innate femininity." 』 / Product Specifications The front and the length are about 0.8cm x 2cm and the thickness is 1mm (the neck length can be selected freely) / Material Pendant: Brass Brass Chain: Brass Brass / Emphasis on the concept of nakedness, the original texture of the metal ore cut surface, the metalwork jewelry hand-made by the designer team, each of which is a metal craft. The design works are based on the principle of perpetual circulation. The metal surface is not processed and electroplated. It deliberately leaves the texture of hand-forged casting. With the use of time, it can reveal the special taste of ancient times and depth of time. / Each hand-made locally, using pure silver, brass, copper and other metals as raw materials, and nanotechnology to recycle electronic waste, recreate the beauty of life cycle, simple and delicate texture treatment, The minimalist lines and refined appearance enhance the beauty of the metal craftsmanship, and each piece can feel the persistence and pride of the material texture when making a sense. We want to make jewelry a unique language that conveys the value of your life. /Maintenance method - Copper and silver will naturally oxidize, color gradients and natural moisture - Do not wear hot springs, please wipe dry after touching the water. - Luster texture can be cleaned regularly with a silver cloth or copper oil or with a soft toothbrush and some toothpaste - Always wear easier to maintain metal, body oil can maintain surface texture - Avoid strenuous exercise and dangerous activities when wearing. *** Both sterling silver and brass are somewhat malleable, please do not over-concave *** Other detailed maintenance tips: please see INTZUITION official website care Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / designer handmade


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