[GFD] Flower Gift Box-No Withering Flowers / Flower Gift Box / Mother ’s Day Gift / Gift Box

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Dry flower / Eternal flower Newlywed gifts / Proposal flower gift box / Mother's Day gift / Small flower box


[GFD] Flower Gift Box-No Withering Flowers / Flower Gift Box / Mother ’s Day Gift / Gift Box


/Product desciption/ Happy Mama Happy Life Flower Gift Box Mother is undoubtedly the greatest job in the world 365 days of hard work and uninterrupted Not to strike Tian Leng greets you warmly for the first time The first sentence is full when the phone calls When you have trouble, the first thing you think of is mom Although occasionally I feel annoying But my mother is the one who has been silently paying for us behind us After all the hard work of 10 months of pregnancy, it is also necessary to raise the children Mother's Day is nothing but mother's greatness What I want to say is thank you mom: you worked hard I didn't realize that my mother was so great after being a parent - In the process of making goods, I imagined it was sent from my hand to my mother's hand What would mother feel like Mothers all over the world do n’t think of precious gifts But the heart of the children I want to see a warm card when my mother opens and sees her children Is the best gift for Mother's Day **Original price 1780, 4 / 14-4 / 24 Order this product and enjoy 10% discount** /Product Size/ 11.5cm in diameter * 8cm in height Material: Suede /storage method/ . Please place in a well-ventilated place, not in the bathroom and toilet . Avoid direct sunlight . Keep dry for more than one year . With time, there will be natural fading and weathering is a natural phenomenon . No flowers will not grow, so please do not water /Precautions/ 1. You are welcome to contact the designer by pressing the lower right corner when you are unclear or need to order a different color system 2. The products are all produced by order, and the payment of the order is about 7 days (excluding holidays), if you are in urgent order, please contact the designer 3. Due to different seasons, the flower materials are changed according to the season of the flower market, and they cannot be exactly the same as the photos. 4. The product delivery process will inevitably cause some drops to be normal. 5. The products are delivered by home delivery, Ruisi will do its best to protect and package the goods, but if the goods are damaged, please contact us immediately. Please do not give negative comments. 6. If the product needs to carry bags / cards, you can remark on the order 7. The products are taken under natural light, but the actual products will have a slight color difference from the photos. For example, if the color of the flowers is exquisite, please contact Ruisi to discuss it. * The products are all produced by Rui Si. I sincerely hope that I can give support evaluation after receiving the products. Thank you **


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