Indian Desert Wind Hand Embroidered Rug-Horse Chestnut

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【Brand】 Tramper 【Size】 83 x 45 cm [Cleaning method] Washing is strictly prohibited! If there is dirt, wipe it with a semi-moistened cloth.



Indian Desert Wind Hand Embroidered Rug-Horse Chestnut


* Note: Because this product contains natural gum ingredients in the back, it is strictly forbidden to wash with water. If it is dirty, it can be wiped clean with semi-wet wipes. 【Desert wind embroidery blanket story】 In the 13th century, Marco Polo, a businessman and a traveler, came to India. He said, "I have seen hundreds of embroidery methods, and the hookah embroidery in India is the most exquisite and detailed." This beautiful technology has been circulating for nearly a thousand years. Initially, the Indians believed that tin, silver and coin-like items could make people avoid bad luck, so they began to sew and embroider these items on their clothes by hand, and believed that this would make people blessed and protected. As the times have evolved, this belief has spread to the present day, and it has developed into a combination of glass lenses and traditional Indian woven patterns, which are fixed on the daily necessities that are closest to daily life. This approach not only inherited the long-term cultural meaning, let the long carpet full of vitality be passed into our lives, but also created mediocre daily items to create different charms. The most interesting thing is that sometimes when you pass it under the sun inadvertently, you will find that it shines under the sun, and if you look closely, you will find "! It is a mirror reflecting!" It looks like it is a lively naughty ghost , From time to time you want to look back at it at home. The charm of this embroidery technique knows no borders. Indians don't even put them on the ground. We have been to many local people's homes. We saw that they like to hang a large piece of Rajasthan hookah embroidery on the entire wall. Not at the wall of your home! For them, it is the best symbol of guardianship and blessing, a bit similar to the peace symbol we are used to in Taiwan. Every time you look at these delicate totem designs, you can feel the different totem meanings in it. You will find it difficult to see through these patterns at once. You need to appreciate them for a few days before you can crystallize such a thousand-year-old culture. , Enjoy reading in your own way. On this magnificent rug, every needle thread, every color decision and ratio, every straight knot and horizontal knot we see, symbolize the blessings and beliefs passed down from generation to generation, from India to Taiwan. The most profound and sincere blessing.


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