Smaltum Prague enamel soup bowl _ curve meow micro-blue and green (FDN000473)

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Smaltum Prague enamel soup bowl _ curve meow micro-blue and green (FDN000473)

商品説明 **Color safari** In this unrelated black and white dining table, please enjoy your personal tones These small animals are waiting to be your little companion Looking forward to a full of charm of the color of roaming with you to taste the taste of life Everyday little things are all balanced style is true king Not as good as all the food for your day for your food tune some color **【Enamel beauty】** US-style appearance, soft with just, can be directly as a container directly to the table, even mottled, but also do not have a taste. Good thermal conductivity, suitable for slow fire stew; acid, can hold wine vinegar and other ingredients. Easy to contaminate color, smell, easy to clean. **【Product Specifications】** Capacity: 850 ml (full water capacity) Bowl diameter: 14 cm Bowl depth: 6.5 cm Material: enamel, steel Origin: Czech Republic **【Enamel handicrafts special reminders】** Enamel products are purely hand-painted by the master, so in the process, the product edge (such as: spout, cup), the firing process of the hanging point (handle the inside), there may be glaze than Thin, color off or a small range of scratches and the surface is not smooth phenomenon. If the surface of the product surface glaze uneven color, caused by smooth protrusions, or in the products on some miscellaneous points, the edge of the line is not uniform; are normal, not flawed. Consumers in the purchase, please understand the enamel in the hand system in the process of the inevitable situation, please understand that handmade products can not be the same as industrial products neat, standardized, please easily experience every enamel products unique beauty The **【Precautions】** (1) to avoid stress or impact Enamel surface for the glass material, heavy pressure or impact will cause the surface glaze off, easy to cut hands and lead to rust. (2) keep dry In order to prevent rust, do not soak in the liquid for a long time; after each wash, wipe the water with a dry cloth. Keep it dry at all times to extend the life of enamel. (3) carefully hot Filled with hot water or heating, the handle and the edge of the body will follow the temperature rise, be careful to take, to avoid burns. (4) to avoid empty burning Please avoid the long time or high temperature dry cooking methods (fried, fried, fried); due to rapid heating will make enamel surface of the glass material split, leave the fire, please slowly cool down in a natural way, Jincheng cold water. (5) Gentle rinse Do not use enamel products with metal cloth or cloth detergent to prevent scratching the surface glaze. Enamel pot if used after the phenomenon of charred, do not use the tool strong scraping. (6) does not apply to microwave ovens Can be used in the induction cooker and gas furnace, but because the inner layer of metal, should not be used in microwave ovens. **【Designer and Brand Introduction】** **From Prague** **Focus on hand-made enamel Bohemian craft brand** [SMALTUM] was founded in 2002 in Prague, Czech Republic. Product designer Marketa Novotna since 1990, that all the way to focus on the design and production of enamel crafts. [SMALTUM] hope to make people feel that enamel products in their daily lives, always be able to enjoy the use of good experience. Enamel material has the characteristics of both functional and aesthetic, in addition to the various types of food tea modulation furnishings, can easily be placed on the stove to cook directly, but also direct use of dishwasher cleaning ... and other advantages. [SMALTUM] After a healthy test to prove, and to ingenuity of the original style, marketing in Europe. At present in the birthplace of Prague [SMALTUM] already has a number of physical shops, the Czech Republic has hundreds of distribution base; currently in Israel, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Russia, Austria, Estonia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada And so on, also can see [SMALTUM] traces. Now, by the [fruit. Frutti di Nuli] Bohemian style enamel hand products, for all dedicated to a better life you personally produced. **^ o ^ About fruit. Frutti di Nuli** "Nostalgia" wants to be a living partner with a temperature around you, to meet all your imagination of your comfortable and comfortable everyday life. "Fruit" has been working hard ... on this planet, for you to collect the introduction of ingenious intelligence and items. Whether it is style home. Fun groceries. Food and beverage. Clerk. By sharing the value of these lives, hope to add more to the world, through your beautiful mind designed if. Origin / manufacturing method Czech Republic


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