Plant Dye Bundle Gift Box-Mother's Day Gift Handmade Soap Pebble Soap Box Set

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[Gift box size] plant dyed cotton pocket 17x 22cm [Inclusions] Plant dyed bunch pocket, calendula rice soap, aloe soap, primary color pebble soap box set !)


Plant Dye Bundle Gift Box-Mother's Day Gift Handmade Soap Pebble Soap Box Set


**Creative idea** ▶ Believe in the beautiful and simple power ▶ Based on natural plants and mineral powder ▶ Wake up the taste and interest of life ▶ Reuse resources, simple packaging *************** **Product desciption** Instead of chemical dyes, turmeric, hematoxylin and coffee are used to help pre-dye treatment, repeated boiling and over-dyeing of cotton bundle pockets. Each plant dyeing work cannot be standardized, but it contains the brilliance of the mother of nature. In the pocket, there are also handmade soaps and vegetarian soap boxes needed for daily environmental cleaning, so that "Love the Earth" is not just a slogan, but a belief that is practiced every day! [Gift box size] plant dyed cotton pocket 17x 22cm [Inclusions] Plant dyeing pockets, ** ** , ****,** *************** Natural taste is the taste that enriches nature's life ~ In the past, we called the mother earth a close relationship with nature; on the contrary, life seems to be progressing, but in pursuit of a better and convenient material life, we arbitrarily seize natural resources and produce indigestible garbage, in addition to causing many environmental problems It also casts a shadow on human health. People belong to nature and are always drawn by a thin line. Even if you are born in the city, as long as you try to slow down and listen to your inner voice, what we need is actually very simple. Excessive material desires make it easy to forget to cherish the side. Owned. And nature is like the mother's gentle arm, and being in it, opening up the five senses and savoring, life can be simple and happy. The pursuit of natural life is a long journey back to nature. When we reflect on our needs and the sustainability of the environment, we can be conscious and choose a better way of life for ourselves and the environment. *************** **Buy Xiaoding** ▶ Invoice delivery All invoices are enclosed with the goods. If gifts are generally donated to charity, but if you need to send another invoice, please let me know so that we can send it by postal mail. ▶ Shelf life For two years, if the soap has not been opened, but the time limit has been exceeded, as long as there are no oil spots on the surface of the soap body and oil consumption smell, it means that the quality is good and can be used with confidence. Therefore, the shelf life is only a reference value, and the store shipping standard is that the quality of handmade soap is good, and the shelf life is still more than three months, so it will be shipped as usual. If you mind the shelf life, you can ask before placing an order. ▶ Storage environment Before opening, put in an environment with low humidity and direct sunlight; after opening, it is recommended to use soap trays with good water drainage, and multiple soaps can be used alternately or as soon as possible. ▶ How to use Wet the handmade soap, rub it with your hands, bath balls or melon cloth, and apply your body or housework with bubbles to clean it. In addition, the handmade soap is weakly alkaline. If you accidentally let the bubbles touch your eyes, just rinse with plenty of water and take a break to improve the tingling sensation. ▶ Packing method The packaging of each order is as simple as possible in recycled paper bags and hemp rope. Recycled paper bags or cloth bags are required. You can buy them yourself or leave a message to ask about other needs. ▶ Other Handmade products cannot be refined and perfect. If you mind, please leave a message in order to provide photos of the goods before shipment. If you accept it, please order again! Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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