Moon Angel [spiritual small hand] blue moonstone strawberry crystal sea blue treasure soda stone 24K gold bracelet

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. Moon angel. ✦[Spiritual Symbol: Love • Self-confidence • Wisdom • Beauty • Hope • Happiness • Lucky • Courage) ✦ ✦[healing: Helping to grow, calming emotions, calming the mind, expanding the horizon of the mind, making people feel cheerful]



Moon Angel [spiritual small hand] blue moonstone strawberry crystal sea blue treasure soda stone 24K gold bracelet

商品説明 . Moon angel. ✦[Spiritual Symbol: Love • Self-confidence • Wisdom • Beauty • Hope • Happiness • Lucky • Courage) ✦ ✦[healing: Helping to grow, calming emotions, calming the mind, expanding the horizon of the mind, making people feel cheerful] 材质 Material Material: ✧ (Sri Lanka) Blu-ray Moonstone. Moonstone/Strawberry Crystal/Pink Tourmaline Aquamarine/Canadian Sodalite/24K Gold Bead/Natural Stone Crystal ❇ single ring bracelet ♛ Japan imported elastic line 店 Before the work is delivered, the owner will perform a blessing ceremony and degaussing the work in a personal way. (such as the use of: tuning fork, 颂钵, spirit pendulum, sun and moon drying method, smoke method) ✡【灵性∞ 小手物∞ Creation concept】✡ "With the hands-on cultivation, the precious treasures of the universe will be concretely presented, created in good faith, brought out faith, shared natural beauty, and assisted in healing each body." Personal and spiritual qualifications: SRT Spiritual Therapy I NGH American Hypnotherapist Personal system arranger Reiki Reiki Natural Therapy I DNA activation therapist 灵 Customized service Custom-made Service We accept personal customized services. If you have custom needs, you can contact the designer. After the business party communicates, the designer will carefully create your own jewelry. [-Moonstone Moonstone Moonstone-] Moon Stone is one of the love stones, which helps to enhance the charm and feminine essence of women. It is also called "the stone of lovers", which can arouse the gentle enthusiasm of the sweetheart and attract beautiful love. Wearing it helps to attract the opposite sex, enhance the understanding of both couples, and make the relationship more harmonious, happy and happy. Moonstone has deep emotional healing functions, which can improve emotional intelligence, help you increase your self-confidence, calm your mood swings, help you grow, calm your emotions, broaden your horizons, and make people feel cheerful. [-Shido Pear Crystal-] [-Strawberry Crystal-] Can improve interpersonal relationships, recruit people; enhance love, bring good marriage; Enhance the individual's mobility and self-confidence; corresponding to the umbilical wheel, is beneficial to reproductive organs. [- sodalite Sodalite-] The Fontaine was discovered by Franklin in Lake Ontario, Canada, near the gramukweft (Herberton-Hostin area). It is said that Princess Patricka specially visited the Lake Ontario mine, so people called it the "Princess Blue". Fangna Stone can enhance people's creativity, and also help to develop human wisdom, knowledge and aura, which can remove fear, tension, stress and anger, so people often call her "smart gems." It helps to calm the mind, calm the mind, and relax the body. [-Aquamarine Aquamarinei-] The English name of Aquamarine is Aquamarine. Among them, "Aqua" means water, and "Marine" means ocean. Aquamarine has long been regarded as the "stone of the brave", symbolizing calmness, courage and intelligence. Wearing aquamarine can make people have a foresight. When I feel that my brain is confused and I can't understand the clue, Hailanbao helps to purify the energy of the top wheel and restore fresh thinking. Aquamarine contains four elements of earth, water, fire and wind. It has powerful therapeutic, purifying and spiritual power, and is the most effective crystal. The blue color corresponds to the throat wheel, which helps to strengthen people's communication and expression ability. The blue sapphire can be worn on the body at any time, which can balance their emotions and is not susceptible to external influence. Those who are prone to shrinking and wearing Hailanbao jewelry can strengthen their confidence and enhance their self-confidence. [-Bixi-] Tourmaline is a natural energy gem with strong energy. Thanks to a variety of colors, it is easy to make people feel happy and advocating freedom, and can open up people's minds and visions. Tourmaline can also inspire creativity, bring infinite inspiration and thoughts, and be calm, clear, and focused. It will also enable you to act properly, go all out, and radiate the frequency of attracting love and friendship. The tourmaline can emit an affinity magnetic field. For those with leadership qualities, Nature can attract more people and can melt the gap between people. Tourmaline itself has a high effect on metabolism and endocrine lineage activities. And it can balance the internal gas field, which can make the opposite elements of yin and yang easy to combine and integrate, and can also resolve various conflicts between people. ✯ Free packaging Packing: • Storage box or box. • Natural material storage box • Natural linen bag • German production of silver cloth ✯ Handmade Handmade Each product has its own temperament, no absolute perfection, but unique, looking for every treasure that cares and treats nature. 净化 Purifying degaussing Cleansing Crystal The characteristics of each mineral spar are different, and the metal content of the jewelry is not suitable for purification. Some of them are not suitable for sun and moonlight. The owner will advise the guest to use the easiest way, such as: white crystal gravel / white The crystal family can be purified. 饰品 Jewelry MaintenanceMaintenance Any jewelry containing gold, silver or copper will be susceptible to oxidation due to exposure to air, moisture, body salts and chemicals. Try to keep the jewelry dry, avoid bathing and swimming, and put it in a storage bag or box when you don't wear it. If you accidentally stain or oxidize, wipe the surface with a silver cloth until it is smooth. 水晶 Crystal ore description Mineral and crystal description/info Natural creations vary greatly. Each occasion has a cotton-wound pattern, and the mine lacks ice cracks. This means that it has not been deliberately modified to show its true appearance. ✯ Measuring hand circumference / neck size Wrist Size Prepare a rope or a tape and wrap it around your wrist or neck for a week. Finally, put a few centimeters on the ruler. Please provide the size you need when ordering. In order to make the right length for you. Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade by Hong Kong


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