925 sterling silver "lace activity bracelet"

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925 sterling silver "lace activity bracelet"


Product Name: 925 sterling silver lace activity bracelet

♦ Material: Sterling Silver

♦ Size: The movable bracelet is freely adjustable in size and is about 16 cm in length

♦ If you have the right place, you can ship the goods. If you do not have the appropriate size, you can order it for about 3 to 7 days.

♦ The active bracelet is free to resize

♦ Lace appears foggy silver, because the polishing can not be thrown inside, so the feeling of matte shiny, but so the pores are more necessary to maintain good will not easily oxidize

♦ lace bracelet relative to other bracelet due to hollow area more, so easy to adjust the shape of the soft, easier to deformation

★ all the pictures in the picture may be due to light or computer screen resolution and so on and other factors and color.
★ handmade can not be as accurate as the machine produced, natural materials can not be exactly the same, can not accept the order not!

【Maintenance and preservation method】

1. Silver can be worn after the cotton or tissue paper wipe the surface, remove the water and dirt, and then stored in a sealed bag, to avoid contact with the air, the surface brightness weakened.

2. Do not wear other metal jewelry when wearing silver, so as not to scratch or collision deformation.

3. Silver is the best maintenance method is to wear every day, because the body can produce natural moisturizing luster. (But it is best not to take a bath)

4. Keep the silver dry, do not wear swimming, avoid contact with sulfur-containing hot springs and sea water.

5. To vulcanize the processing of silver (immediately stained black silver), please avoid deliberately wipe light, can not wash with silver wash.

6, if wiping silver cloth can be wiped clean, please do not wash with silver water wash, because the wash is the chemical composition of silver is more hurt silver, so you can try to use wiping silver can not wipe.

7, more details of the silver can be "100 degrees hot water + salt + aluminum foil" solution down soaked, you can oxidize the reduction!

※ wipe silver cloth small supplement
Wipe silver cloth can not be washed, can not be used to wipe the glasses, because the silver cloth on some polishing powder, so after washing and no effect!
Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan handmade


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