BLR Beverage Bag Silicone Pipette Mason Combination reCAP Kettle Cap

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⭐️ Please specify the optional beverage holder model in the order ⭐️ Random shipment without notification or error ⭐️ Ja


BLR Design Group

BLR Design Group ショップへ

BLR Beverage Bag Silicone Pipette Mason Combination reCAP Kettle Cap


It seems that the self-provisioned beverage bag is not yet complete enough.
We have prepared a better environmental protection package.
Drink hand-made drinks no longer need to make trash
Recommend to everyone

⬇️Environmental protection offers are as follows:
1⃣️🇺🇸 Mason Glass Bottle 720ml x1
2⃣️🇹🇼 Eco-Drink Bag x1 (100 patterns optional)
3⃣️🇺🇸 ReCAP kettle lid x1 (switchable) Opening diameter is about 3cm (red and black color optional)
4⃣️🇯🇵 Full plastic suction tube x1 (can be fully incorporated into the mason bottle)
5 赠送 limited free stainless steel straw cleaning brush

100 printed bags
Please click the blue link below to see all patterns
Please specify the optional beverage holder model in the order
Please note! Please note!
The beverage bag model is correct at the beginning of TI!
The thermos bottle starting with TC cannot be used in Mason bottle!
Example: I want TI35 (randomly shipped without notification or error)⭐️

/ Product Description & Story /
Illustrator created by Taiwan and Hong Kong designers
Each product is printed one by one manually
More than 500 exclusive print designs

❗️ ❗️ Dimensions ❗️ ❗️
⬇️Environmental beverage bag ⬇️
Bottle height 15.5cm
Handle height 30cm
2mm thick insulation/insulation rubber
Super absorbent!
Glass bottle best partner!

Cold insulation can absorb water
Buffering and anti-collision characteristics
Effective protection of glass bottles
🇹🇼 Made in Taiwan, EU Certified Material

Mason Glass Bottles
Height 17.5cm / Diameter 9cm / Capacity 720ml
Temperature -18 degrees to 220 degrees (Maximum instantaneous temperature difference of 80 degrees)
Recommended for cold or normal temperature drinks
Can be filled with boiling water or hot drinks, please be careful when drinking

Silicone pipette
Suction tube diameter 1.4cm / length 24cm can suck large pearl / wave tyrants
Need to tailor the required length to use

It is recommended that the suction pipe 21cm is best used after oblique cutting at the end
🇯🇵 Japanese tannin raw materials, made in Taiwan
The highest heat-resistant 180 degrees
SGS inspection quality can be assured
With the kettle lid can be stored in the mason bottle (schematic)

⬇️reCAP kettle lid ⬇️
🇺🇸 Made in the United States
Convenient switch cover (detachable)
Insert a straw or drink it directly at the mouth
Lift cover opening diameter about 3cm

BPA Free Green Plastic (Without Bisphenol A)
After use, it should be brushed and dried

The above accessories should be avoided in the use of highly acidic liquids
Fruit vinegar, soft drinks, carbonated drinks, etc. can be used
Please wash as soon as possible after drinking

♻️ Material ♻️
Hand-printed polyester fiber cloth
Neoprene diving cloth
American Made Mason Glass Bottle
Top cover BPA Free environmental plastic (without bisphenol A)
Food grade silicone pipette

/ Use and maintenance /
Dilute cleaner with a soft brush
After washing, cool in the shade to reuse

❗️ Do not use rough brush cleaning to avoid the risk of surface scratches
Glass bottles are fragile and should be avoided during use.
If there is a crack in the bottle, do not use it for safety
❗️After the refrigerator is removed, allow it to stand at room temperature before pour hot food or liquid
The bottle and contents must be completely cooled before they can be put into the refrigerator
Do not put the bottle in the microwave or use a gas stove to heat it directly.
Glass bottles should avoid excessive temperature (abrupt overheating)

Origin / manufacturing methods
Bags. Suction tube made in Taiwan / Glass bottle made in the United States


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