Salter No.20 British antique round face spring hanging scale

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Salter No.20 British antique round face spring hanging scale


Salter No.20 British antique round face spring hanging scale


Name of Product: Salter No.20 British antique round face spring hanging scale Product desciption: Cool spring hanging scales⋯😊 I have introduced the mini hanging scale before. This time, the larger size is also rare. In the color, the overall texture is very The biggest feature of the spring hanging scale is Can be hung in any space, And hooks can be used to decorate potted plants, lamps, etc. Be creative British century-old scale brand Salter Has always been the authority on scale production We have produced a variety of scales with different functions. Each is a classic Hard to not be without its beautiful brass scales And cast iron body attraction The change of time is one more layer Unplaceable unique face Use some of the daily necessities or grain weighed It seems to inject British-style feelings into the space. Good function in storage and use Can weigh the weight of about 50 to 60 pounds Simply hanging in the outdoor garden or indoor space is also very beautiful ————————————————————— #小笔记-Salter Brand Introduction- For more than 250 years, the British scale brand Salter has always been able to scale beyond the limits of others. In 1760, Salter started in the small village of Bilston, England. Salter produced a variety of scales, including the UK's first household scales, and later the scales were more exquisite. Because of its good durability and accuracy, it is deeply loved by people. Not only the British companies have chosen Salter's scales to use them, such as letter scales, market scales, etc., and other products have also expanded into people's lives, including Iron, meat grinder, potato chip chopper, coin machine, etc. Salter scales are located in the UK, Italy, the United States, Canada and Australia, and are located in more than 100 countries around the world. Today, it is still the UK leader in kitchens and various scales. *The design museums are mainly European antiques, old and old objects. After years of baptism, some antiques will inevitably have some historical traces and black spots. Or a small corner, it is inevitable that it is not as clean as a brand new product. But this does not affect the retro beauty of itself. Perfectionism and friends who are accustomed to buying new products, please think twice before placing an order. We also look forward to your becoming the same beauty as we are in love with ancient objects ^^ If you have any questions, please send us a message! Size: full length with hook 40* width 14 cm (scale diameter 14cm)


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