Leather phone case iPhone Case (iphone x/xs/xr/7/8/11 / note 8)

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The leather phone case protects your phone, you can choose the color, you can also press your name or Indian pattern, which implies different meanings. It can be said to be a blessing! (iphone X / XS / XR / 7 / 8 / 11 / 11pro / note 8) Made by hand. Ingre


Leather phone case iPhone Case (iphone x/xs/xr/7/8/11 / note 8)


Leather phone case suitable for iphone 7/ 8/ 7p / 8p / X / XS / XR / 11 / 11pro / note 8 use (iphone x / xs demonstration), the phone case has a card cover for you more convenient Put your Octopus or leisure staff咭 When ordering, please indicate the model, color matching, as shown in the sample (Main: Army Blue / Army Green, 咭: Wrinkled Dark Blue / Polyester), embossed or Indian pattern (8 English letters or an Indian pattern) ), the position of the word will be in the position of the leather house above the English logo. After the word is pressed, the 'Gewu' Chinese logo will not be pressed. Ingredients: Italian vegetable tanned leather. Cowhide Leather color: You can choose two colors in the photo. Please specify when ordering. Packing: cloth bag and box Made in Hong Kong by hand Leather introduction: Vegetable tanned leather, with dark skin and luster, a leather filled with change. Vegetable tanned is the earliest method of tanning. It is extracted from the plant by extracting tannins from ingredients such as tannic acid. The method of tanning is to soak the skin in different concentrations and repeatedly soak it for several to two months. The vegetable tanned leather does not contain harmful chemical components such as heavy metals. It can directly contact the skin and retain the natural texture of the leather. As time goes by, the sunlight and moisture, the leather will gradually become lustrous, the color will become darker, and the unique use marks will appear. Some people will call it 'raising cattle'! * Free choice of skin color / pressing type (8 English letters or an Indian pattern) *Note that there is no spot, you need to order, the production period is 18 days. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------- **Mailing arrangements Hong Kong and Macao SF Express - 1-2 business days after delivery is expected Taiwan area - SF Express - 3-5 working days after delivery is expected (Because of the SF Express Customs declaration, the Taiwan address must provide the ID number, please specify when placing the order) - Basic delivery "Hongkong Post" - Shipped by "Air Transport Registration", delivered 4-7 business days after delivery China mainland SF Express - 3-4 business days after delivery is expected other areas Hongkong Post "Send Easy" or "Air Transport Registration" will be sent out, and the product will be delivered 7-14 business days after delivery. *If you need to use other mailing services, please inform us separately. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------- *Precautions - This shop is mainly made of vegetable tanned leather, which will gradually darken and luster after use. - Vegetable tanned leather is a natural material, with uneven color, growth lines, etc. - There is a color difference between the computer screen and the finished product. The picture is for reference only.