Wealth into a double (small) custom bracelet 貔貅 six-word mantra couples to practice lucky good luck wax line

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貔貅 貔貅 ,, with six-character rumors, not only improve their own fortune, but also bring you wealth. Couples wear together, can be a sentimental token can work together to add more good luck and fortune to each other, the power of mutual help, become a favor


Wealth into a double (small) custom bracelet 貔貅 six-word mantra couples to practice lucky good luck wax line


[Silver meaning] 貔貅; also known as Tianlu, evil spirits, is a kind of mythical beast in ancient Chinese mythology, and transformed into wealth, public money for the fortune, mother for the sake of keeping money, so there is also a saying in the collection, there is a town House evil spirits, there is the role of lucky money and the solution of Wuhuang Daxie The six-character mantra; "唵叭咪吽" can clear the six kinds of troubles of greed, jealousy, idiot, arrogance, jealousy and jealousy, block the six-door door, detach the six-way reincarnation, and prove the Bodhi to the pure land. [Color meaning] Black and gray energy: dysfunction, in addition to suffocating, anti-small, anti-rotten peach, help mature and stable personality [suitable for ethnic groups] Working in the nature of business, increasing your popularity and popularity Couples bring together, symbolizing the long-term love can give each other good luck and fortune Sterling silver commodity ▶The surface of sterling silver jewelry will have anti-oxidation treatment, so it is not easy to oxidize and blacken like the early silverware. If there is a little oxidation phenomenon (yellowing, blackening) after wearing, don't worry, because it is oxygen attached to the silver. Relationship, as long as you use your own silver cloth (or silver water), you can easily turn your jewelry back to shining. ▶ sterling silver jewelry is not easy to make skin allergies, suitable for long-term wear ▶Please clean and put it in the box when you are not wearing it for a long time. ▶The sterling silver jewelry is wiped with a silver cloth, and the plating accessories are soft cloth. Waterproof silk wax line commodity small 叮咛 ▶Waterproof, you can take a bath, get rid of the trouble of constant wear, long-term wear is not allergic, not stinking ▶. Anti-sun, silk silk wax rope will wear more brighter, more vivid than when you bought it, unlike ordinary cotton rope, the color will be smeared or easily broken after wearing for a long time. ▶ silk products (can be changed by color) ▶The silk wax line is made up of dozens of fine silkworms. It is easy to weave for the fixed silk thread, so it is coated with a transparent "wax" on the surface. So it is called silk wax line. ▶Because of the "wax", the new wire is darker and slightly harder. After the water is treated, the wax will peel off naturally and the wire will be softer, showing the natural luster of the silk thread. After-sales service and repair ▶Customized products are subject to review before they are shipped. ▶If you have any conditions, please respond within three days of receiving the goods. ▶After the sale, you need to replace the buckle or rope to send it back, or go to the Taichung store to make a replacement (all service charge) **Customized part** The private message told us that it is right for you. S&A teaches you to measure your hand https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4875/45147317205_fb9a1ac73f.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4859/45334851394_8b727585dc.jpg


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