Cotton round neck umbrella long-sleeved dress

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Cotton round neck umbrella long-sleeved dress


Last night with her daughter to friends at home for dinner, I was nervous before departure worried about the East worried about the West, Afraid to eat when not to eat a few mouthfuls of take away 🤣 I did not expect her daughter to have a better appetite at home than at home, Also feeding each other with two brothers, Watching the interaction of children mom think before the worry are extra 🤣 Before dinner with friends in the kitchen, While preparing dinner bubbling chamomile tea, Housewife chat topic shifted to the body after production changes, Coincidentally, said the previous graceful posture, Now have become the spider's body, I can not help but shiver So this morning's dress, Is the inspirational work of yesterday's topic. Using a soft cotton natural texture, Special micro-brush hair treatment, So slightly stiffen the original cotton material becomes more warm and soft, Let housewives spider stature to get the best release! Can also choose other colors of cotton bristles to make ~ There is a color you want to message to the designer! Size: (Reference body model 165 Shoulder 39cm) Dress length of 92cm, shoulder width 42cm, shoulder flat 10cm, neckline open 22cm, sleeve length 57.5cm, flat chest volume 56cm, 103cm hem. This version does not pocket Oh! ! ! 【Material】: natural cotton material [Use and maintenance methods]: cold water hand wash, if there is no dirty sweat slightly water Use a little neutral detergent to soak within 30 minutes after cleaning. Do not dehydrate more than three minutes, the opposite side of the air drying up after drying. 【Designer and brand profile】 More than thirty years of living in Taipei, The sensitivity of fashion from the elementary school began to contact, The dream of that time was to be a fashion designer, Results contrary to their own ideals to go to statistical mathematics. Resigned from the stable work in 2013 Followed by Mr. back to his hometown Ilan life, Regain the enthusiasm for clothing and sewing, In the case of semi-self stumble their own exploration, Sewing skills are far less than college graduated friends, But it is my dedication to the popular sensitivities and the selection of fabrics. Hope that the simple design, The most natural and most comfortable clothing to everyone. Origin / manufacturing methods Seaside handmade


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