Defining each child - a full set of 13 postcards Garden

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Defining each child - a full set of 13 postcards Garden


Gift stationery PDA package to the group! have inside: Paragraph 13 we liked the garden postcard As a gift or your own collection seems to have a good> _ < (Original price HKD195 / TWD800) // Limited PDA group packaging ♫ // Making small workshop ♫ One day and crush barbecue, a rise romantic sky stars are good, so think of these paintings are beautiful planet. Get the true picture began to hands-on dolphin painting. Venus day is equal to the Earth's 320 days You can give me the time points zz Z Largest planet - Jupiter. Neptune In Roman mythology Neptune (Neptunus) named because Neptune is Poseidon, the Chinese translated as Neptune. Draw a Roman mythology series is my new goal !! ♪ See Chang E and rabbit? Finally with the camera shade> computer-generated (to go back, toner)> to manufacturers printed> Package sent after receipt of the finished product PS too love the Star series, and so do the wallpaper ♡♡ (From time to time disclosed wallpaper ~) // Please note: 1. Since we are sent from Hong Kong, and convenience stores did not sign on behalf of, so please provide dormitories or residence address. **2. The shipping time**(can be the first query) General Availability: 1-2 days shipping (excluding Saturdays, holidays) **3. Delivery Time** - Hong Kong: 1-2 days (excluding Saturdays, holidays) - Taiwan: 5-7 days (excluding Saturdays, holidays) - Other countries: can first query. 4. The commodities sent via Hong Kong Post Office, as other companies want to use, you can first contact. Thank you ~ //!!2391726263.jpg Anying IV romantic Like hiking, reading novels, listening to pure music, painting and of course :) I want to do I like to work, not for money and worry, holding warm, happy to do what I want to do things. If I can keep in the end, I think he is the best interest of the people.!!2391726263.jpg Angel Kathrina Pisces ♫ Daydreaming master! Still studying business administration. But a bit stupid, so was a bit hard to read: p Like to play mobile games !! ♪ ♫ ♪ Super want cats or dogs !!! (But my mother allowed Ming) Like most Persian and Alaska Dog ~ Called almond tea, a sesame paste called ~ My eyes want to travel around the world look forward to the day. Do not look down on girls. ♡♡ Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong Chinese origin handmade