The last one to wear fried shrimp socks. Black cowboy dress skirt

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The last one to wear fried shrimp socks. Black cowboy dress skirt

商品説明 ▲ design concept: "It was real for me to wear this pair of socks yesterday." ▲ "Seal of fried shrimp socks. Denim dress" In fact, I have a lot of pairs of socks, every day for washing, Just like the Belgian urinary children, like every day wearing a different new clothes, Yesterday just just wearing a pair of orange stripes was as a fried shrimp, and boring. Summer cowboy material ~ wear very very heavy! Exclusive personality models, Mexican warm handmade electric embroidery production :) ▲ small details ~ ▲ ink children hand-embroidered leopard leopard fried shrimp (what strange name? XD) There is pocket in front of ▲ with silver accessories ▲ side of the zipper easy to wear off ~ ▲ the back of the way ~ there are two pockets! ▲ Design by MoreMoreToe, leather standard certification! ▲ wear to look like ~ ~ ~ **► Because this is a lot of similar situations,** **So be sure to understand the following before buying :)** Hand goods are not the same for each piece, Have handmade feel temperature, Small thread | small ink stains | hand stitch | small crooked | small dislocation Are the normal phenomenon of hand-made goods :) Would mind, or the higher standard friends please do not force to buy! The The Commodity prices go pro and route do not compare with the quality of counter, Or really will give each other misunderstanding and great trouble ~ Thank you for your intimate understanding ~ ink also try to make the goods perfect :) ► Dimensions in millimeters in cm Skirt length / 60 (without harness) Harness / 43 (longest) Waist width / 40 Hip width / 45 Hem / 50 Elasticity / none Material / cowboy ► goods are exclusive limited, showing "sold out" is not on the shelf is already out of the board :) ► product color due to light or screen and some other factors, the color will be slightly deeper product! Mexican children have been adjusted to snore! ► Canvas bag for the first time it is recommended to use a special cleaning agent or diluted white vinegar soak about half an hour to prevent fading :) ► Please do not rinse with hot water or brush when washing, please gentle hand wash can be washed to remember to be washed with water! Did not wash the words will be removed after the flower classes. ► lightly squeeze the water after the flip on the natural ventilation, do not direct exposure in the sun! According to the above steps simple maintenance ~ bag life can be maintained for a long time :) ► hand-made silk prints Some of the items recommended for gentle hand wash, can be soaked in cold cream ~ and the clothes turned back to avoid the pattern part of the gently rub can be :) ► Because there is relationship between product and order, and size table is marked on page, it is not necessary to provide return return of non-major defective ~ Please thank you for good product size and details and purchase! There are any questions can also ask the Mexican will be happy to answer your :) ► If you receive serious defective products please come to the ink children ~ ink will certainly help you free to deal with good ~ Please be assured :) If without any communication directly to the negative assessment, the ink will be very sad (; ;) ► Overseas international package only "mail", no "Shun Feng" delivery, please remember when ordering, so as not to send the wrong! If the address to provide an error to be borne their own additional costs, so be sure to pay more attention :) Origin / manufacturing method Design by MoreMoreToe


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