Small fresh embroidery storage bag -15 small black cat, E2D67726

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●PU laminated oxford wear and durable ●Color saturated super beautiful polyester embroidery ●Exquisite tailoring and sewing ●Using elastic large practical storage bag



Small fresh embroidery storage bag -15 small black cat, E2D67726

商品説明 (★★★Please read the ordering notes in the design library story before ordering ★★★) /**Product descriptions and stories**/ Dailylike small fresh embroidered storage bag, preferably PU inate fabric oxford cloth, wearable and durable, comfortable hand, saturated color and super beautiful polyester embroidery thread, let the hand bag with multi-purpose bag for healing, exquisite cutting and sewing The zipper is very smooth and can be used as a cosmetic bag, a purse, a sanitary tampon and a 3C accessory storage bag. The use is more flexible and placed in a large bag to be used in the classification package, so that when the bag is used Keep it clean and tidy at all times. /**Product Description**/ Commodity includes: each single entry (excluding other shooting props) Material: Lam inate fabric oxford cloth, size: 15.5x15cm. Internal storage: one whole storage space without interlayer, multi-purpose use Square bag, zipper open Can accommodate disposable contact lenses and salt water, or smaller bottles and cans. Finely stitched with rounded edges, please identify the Dailylike cloth label. Super beautiful embroidered embroidery pattern, good healing, smooth and easy to pull the zipper. A variety of storage functions, is a 18-piece martial arts multi-purpose bag. Can be used as a cosmetic bag, coin purse, sanitary tampon and 3C accessory storage bag. The use of multi-purpose elasticity is large, and it is placed in a large bag to be used in the classification package. A variety of healing patterns, please go to the product page to buy. (※More small fresh embroidery storage bags are here ※) (※Special offer clear product link ※) / Product Size / 15.5x15 cm / Packing size / 15.5x15 cm / Material / Oxford cloth / weight / 30g / Designer and brand profile / Established in 2010, Dailylike is a Korean design brand based on DIY materials. Dailylike comes from Daegu, the most developed city in Korea. In combination with the current popular clip art DIY trend in Europe and America, it is specially tailored for those who love DIY. The Dailylike team believes that everyone can touch everyone, our products from pattern creation to finished products, Through a layer of checks, through a serious attitude, create a happy work, Let everyone enjoy the beautiful design of things with ease and enjoyment. Dailylike hopes that everyone can use our design, Enjoy the good life of the United States and Japan, love every day, we are happy together :)


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