Diamantic towel cap type elastic wide / manual hair band

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Curly Curly 2017 F/W hairband collection


Diamantic towel cap type elastic wide / manual hair band


Curly Curly 2017 F/W hairband collection NEW 💖 Curly Curly Exclusive Edition Design Handmade **== Towel-style elastic wide version / manual hair band ==** Water lily Japan Brings Back Pictures of Cloth When I first saw it, I immediately thought of Monet’s Nymphaea. The green and blue flowers are green and bright. In a pleasant afternoon Rowing a boat Tired to lie down and enjoy the scenery There are pictures ~ ☺️ **|material** Uses a cotton cloth brought back from Japan Soft and soft Lightweight and soft fabric without burden You guys will like it! ! ☁️ **| Brand new version |** This attempt to design a dream product, repeated testing produced several times finally finalized! Newly-released scarf-cap style wide-length elastic hair band, greatly different from the previous elastic band In order to achieve the effect of a towel cap, we use a lot of cloth With three-dimensional tailoring and sewing, we are very satisfied with the results of the crease Towel headband Towels also hats Although it is a fluffy feeling But the fixing effect is good and not easy to slide Applicable to any head circumference (normal head circumference ~ partial head circumference is applicable) Because the fabric is super soft So you can freely change the shape Can be pulled into a super wide version Can also be squeezed together or narrowed inward The fabric is light and airy! **| Special Design |** This time we have made substantial improvements to the elastic part on the back. Special elastic design makes it easy to fix the tail Ideal for tying a simple low ponytail and passing the pony tail through a tight loop, it will be very secure. Elastic bands can be eliminated at any time After all, the elastic band is a consumable item. Even if it is worn more and more loosely, there are ways to solve it. (laughs) **| Size |** Single size for normal to large head circumference * This series does not open the custom size! ! ! **| Cleaning methods |** Hand wash, or machine wash into a laundry bag Do not pull hard and dry **| Production time |** Under normal operation (order quantity is still ok), goods will usually be sent within 10 working days after payment is made However, when there are many orders, waiting time may be elongated Suggestions If you have questions about waiting time, please contact us before ordering. **| Pre-Order Notes |** Before ordering, please take into account the possible color difference due to different screen displays. And confirm the good head circumference, styles, shipping methods, etc. After the sale, it is no longer acceptable to ask for return on the basis of color difference or size mismatch or other personal operation problems. (Of course there is no seven-day appreciation period!!) Curly Curly handmade & design Origin / manufacturing methods Tainan / Hand-made, edging


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