The Rider s Eye Knight Eye 2.0 Classic Old Car Headlight Remanufactured Industrial Articulated Table Lamp

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“ Continue to light the next decade. .......



The Rider s Eye Knight Eye 2.0 Classic Old Car Headlight Remanufactured Industrial Articulated Table Lamp

商品説明 [from] " Continue to light the next decade In the era of Taiwan’s economic take-off, apart from relying on the hard work of its ancestors, transportation has also played an extremely important role; at that time, social locomotives were roughly divided into “cars” and “wu car”. Use, while the Wu car is used for transport purposes, not only in the agricultural use, the use of the level also includes industry and commerce, the advantages of high torque and high load also exaggerated the transformation of the three-wheeled car assembly industry. With the evolution of the times, the civil and military vehicles have gradually disappeared into the modern streets, coupled with the rise of environmental awareness in recent years, many counties and cities have already banned the two-stroke locomotive on the road... These civil and military generals who have been “retired” are lucky enough to be collected by old car enthusiasts, while others are entering the popular “fighting farm” (Note 1) to escape the fate of being dismantled. Note 1: "Meat Killer" is the "Mid-Range Parts Recovery Workshop for Steam Locomotives". Today's riders are also dubbed "Men's Department Stores". "Knight's Eye" is just like this! We designed the old headlight assembly obtained from the “Meat Killer” and made various components by turning, milling, welding, grinding and other processing methods and made it become an industrial joint table lamp. The old car accompanies Taiwan through the most difficult times, and every knight goes up the mountain to the sea to open up numerous roads and create an economic miracle! The eyes of the Cavaliers not only light up the space, but also continue the spirit of the old car and the Taiwanese spirit of diligent work, hard work, and humiliation. The upgraded version 2.0 adds many interesting designs and preserves the functional integrity of more original items, mainly with the following improvements: "Time Speed Meter Instructions Can Be Turned On" The 2.0 version of the speedometer will no longer be just a decoration. It can be turned on with the power on, and the overall degree of completion is more complete. "Controlling Lights on and Off with Car Keys" By combining the original switch key control switch with the wire group and the lamp wiring, the light source can be turned on and off through the car key, which can be divided into three sections for adjustment: 1. Only the headlights are lit, 2. Simultaneously lights up , 3. The night light on the meter is on. "Optional headlight lamp frame" The headlight lamp net frame can make friends who like the modified style add more knights style. At present, there are electroplating and black paint materials available for selection. Please inform the style you need when ordering. Joint and Base Load Strengthening In order to more safely support a lamp with a certain weight, we also made adjustments in the design of the joints and bases. The joints use male and female fasteners to replace the original general screws. Users can manually adjust the ideal angle to use. The chances of loosening the joints are minimized, while the base is increased in diameter, which not only stabilizes the appearance of the joints. 【specification】 Dimensions: Head height 17.5cm; lamp head diameter 17.5cm; pole length 20 centimeters upper and lower 40 centimeters; base diameter 17 centimeters Material: Metal paint Weight: 6KG Light source: MR16 LED 5W Voltage: 12V/DC 【Precautions】 ※ Please inform the lamp network style (plating or black paint) when ordering. ※ The desk lamp is produced after the order is received. We will ship it within 10~14 days after your formal order. ※ This product is hand-made and machine tooling, and the use of discarded car headlights to restructure, the finished surface will inevitably produce wear and turning nicks, perfectionist must think twice before placing orders. ※ After joint joints are used, it will produce friction and paint off under normal use. This is a normal condition. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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